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Abell Group

Atmospheric Chemistry

Balasubramanian group

Bampos group

Bernardes group

Bond Group

Boss group

Departmental Admissions

Dobson group

Elliott group

Gaunt group

Grey group

Hunter group

IFS for research groups

J Clarke group

Jackson group

Kalberer group

King group

Klenerman group

The safety share is also accessible to members of the Lee group

Knowles group

Leeper group

Mass Spec. Services

Melville Laboratory

NMR Current Data

NMR Data Archive

NMR Fileserver

Paterson group

R Jones group

Sanders group

Schmidt group fileserver1

Schmidt group fileserver2

Scott Polar Research Institute

Spring group

Surface Science

Thom group

Vignolini Group

W Jones group

Wheatley group

Wright group