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Admitto accounts will be disabled upon request from the personnel department, or accounts may be temporarily suspended by the IT team as described below.

Requests from the personnel department

The personnel department may request that an Admitto account be immediately suspended. Account suspension requests should be made to the IT team via their ticket system by emailing; upon receipt of such a request, the IT team will:

  • Disable the account
  • Note the ticket number in the "description" property of the Active Directory account
  • Inform the requester of the account suspension that the specified account has been disabled

An account that has been disabled in this manner will only be re-enabled if the personnel department request this via email to

Temporary suspensions made by the IT team

The IT team will temporarily disable an Admitto account for the following reasons:

  1. an IT security incident
  2. contravention of the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) Acceptable Usage Policy
  3. any other reason approved by the Department’s Head of IT

If the IT team temporarily disable an Admitto account, they will ensure that a record of the disablement is made by creating a ticket in the IT ticket system, along with a record of any subsequent actions taken. Where possible, they will take reasonable steps also contact the user concerned to explain the reason for disabling the account.

Accounts that are disabled to IT security incidents will only be re-enabled if the IT team are content that the security issue has been resolved.

Accounts that are disabled due to matters related to the downloading of copyrighted material will be handled under the Department’s policy for Downloading copyright material without licence. Accounts that are disabled for any other reason will only be re-enabled with the approval of the Department’s Head of IT.

Appeals to temporary suspensions

If a user wishes to appeal the temporary suspension of their account, they should appeal to the Head of IT. If they are not satisfied with the outcome, they may then appeal to the Chair of the Department's IT Committee.

System status 

System monitoring page

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