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Your ChemNet token is used to gain access to some parts of the Department network, such as the ChemNet wireless network and the OpenVPN service (see the links for specific details on using those services). The intention of the ChemNet token is that you can safely save it on your computer, mobile phone etc., unlike passwords which you should never save unencryped on a computer. Another advantage of using your ChemNet token for network access is that you if you lose a device, you can reset the token without needing to also change your Admitto password.

Collecting your ChemNet token (N.B. this page is only accessible to members of the Department, and you must know your Raven password)

Resetting your ChemNet token

If one of your devices becomes lost or stolen, you should immediately reset your ChemNet token so that other people cannot impersonate you on the Department network. To reset your ChemNet token:

  • go to
  • scroll to the Create new token option
  • next to the Create new token option, choose Yes
  • click the Update button at the bottom of the page
  • your new token will be displayed on the page, or you can use the link in the Collecting your ChemNet token section above


System status 

System monitoring page

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