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We have tested three Windows sync clients (FreeFileSync, Unison & cwRsync) with our Linux hosted group fileservers. FreeFileSync seems to be the easiest to get running on your PC/laptop, does not require interaction at the Windows command line & requires no software to be installed on the fileserver.


Available from Open the downloaded .exe file to install.

Extremely easy to set up. Basic usage is intuitive even before looking at that section of the manual at Rollover help on buttons and symbols is useful as is the basic left-to-right flow of Compare - Filter - Synchronize, each stage having a Settings button for adjustment.

Interface shows left-hand files location (local Windows PC/laptop) and right-hand (group fileserver) location. The latter accepts the path to your share on the fileserver e.g. //<group>-fs/nethome (with either forward- or back-slashes) or the drive letter for this network mount e.g. Z:\.


Our notes on Unison can be seen here.


Our notes cwRsync can be seen here.

System status 

System monitoring page

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