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Please note: this page describes a legacy service that we do not offer to new users, and that is to be shut down completely in April 2021. If you are interested in using version control systems in the University, you should use the University Gitlab service instead.

Timetable for shutdown

August 2020: no new repositories may be set up on the system

4th January 2021: Service goes read-only. Addition of new user accounts will no longer be possible.

12th April 2021: Service shut down


Keep track of revisions to files by using Subversion.


The subversion service is available to members of the department for shared projects and personal projects. Personal projects are strictly limited in scope: the only permitted access is to the person whose project it is. When a person leaves, the project is deleted. Shared projects are available to research groups: the group IT representative can select people to grant read and write access.

External collaborators may be granted access to the subversion service. Mail to get your collaborator set up with a CRSID and an Admitto account. Collaborators' Admitto accounts will be restricted to only give them Subversion access.


Connect to using your Admitto credentials.

You may also browse your repository at