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How to contact the Computer Officers

If you would like to request support, please:

  • If possible, email your request to Try to include as much relevant information as possible, e.g.: 
    • The name of the computer you are using and any other computers you were trying to access.
    • What were you trying to do, including the commands entered and applications run.
    • What did you expect to happen & what actually happened (give output obtained including error messages).
  • If you are unable to send an email, please call 36506
  • If neither email nor phone works then visit room M18

Core support hours are from 09.30 until 12.30, and 14.30 until 16.30. Outside of these hours, it cannot be guaranteed to find a Computer Officer in the Department, although some of us often are and will be delighted to help you with all things computer related.

Alternatively come along to our IT surgery on Monday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm in room M13. No appointment needed, just drop in. The surgery is also a good place to come to if you want to discuss something IT-related that isn't necessarily a support request.

You will usually find a Computer Officer in room M18 and are welcome to drop in as we generally operate an open door policy. 

If you want to give feedback on the way IT is run in the department, please see our feedback procedure which has a list of possible people to contact.

If you want to talk about IT strategy you may be interested in the memberhip and minutes of the IT Committee, which decides upon IT strategy in the department. 


System status 

System monitoring page

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