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An international team of researchers – led by Dr Gonçalo Bernardes in this department – has developed a simple yet effective method of modifying proteins that could enable them to precisely deliver drugs to diseased tissues.

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Image courtesy of the Department of Chemistry

The super-whiteness of an Asian scarab beetle has inspired Chemistry researchers to develop a new material "20-30 times whiter than common paper".

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Image courtesy of Department of Chemistry Photography Department

We are saddened by the death last week of Sir John Sulston. An alumnus of the department, he shared the Nobel Prize for his work on sequencing the very first animal genome and went on to lead the UK research in the Human Genome Project.

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Courtesy Department of Chemistry Photography

Dr Gonçalo Bernardes has been selected to receive the 2018 MedChemComm Emerging Investigator Lectureship for his significant contributions to medicinal chemistry.  

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Image of Flavobacterium IR1 colony courtesy of the University of Cambridge

"The future is open for biodegradable paints on our cars and walls – simply by growing the colour we want!" So say the chemistry researchers studying the genetics of structural colour.

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Images courtesy of Pembroke College

"The relevance of my research motivates me every day," says PhD student Anna Gunnarsdottir. "Finding ways to store energy more efficiently and safely is vital if we are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

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