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Collaboration and Impact


We work hard at translating our basic research into company success stories.

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Solexa Sequencing

An after-work beer at the Panton Arms was the start of a DNA revolution.

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Xampla's goal is to eradicate the need for single-use plastics.

Read more at: PharmEnable


PharmEnable uses advanced medicinal chemistry and artificial intelligence to design potential drug therapies.

Read more at: Aqdot


Aqdot has revolutionised the encapsulation market.

Read more at: Astex


Astex' fragment-based approach to the discovery of small molecule drugs is used by many major pharma companies.

Read more at: Fluidic Analytics

Fluidic Analytics

Fluidic Analytics is changing the way that protein analysis is conducted in industrial, academic and clinical settings.

Read more at: Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics' microdroplet technology is set to automate the discovery of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, and transform how the biopharmaceutical industry works in this area.

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Early stage spin-outs

University programmes like Cambridge Enterprise and Accelerate are helping us to spin-out and nurture the ideas of our researchers and students into beneficial and practicable applications.