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Department of Chemistry


Mass Spectrometry Service

We accept samples for mass spectrometry analysis and provide training to selected department researchers to operate some of the mass spectrometers.

Mass Spectrometry Services

NMR Service

We provide a wide range of NMR analytical chemistry services to Research workers within the department, in other University departments and external customers.

NMR Service

Electron Microscopy

 We work closely with many groups in the Department of Chemistry and within the University to investigate a range of different hard materials, including metals, oxides and alloys as well as soft matter.

Electron Microscopy

X-Ray Crystallography

Crystallographic methods provide detailed atomic-level descriptions of crystalline solids, including molecular structure and geometrical information on intermolecular interactions.

X-ray Crystallography

Research Facilities and Equipment at Cambridge

An on-line database of instruments and equipment held by the university, which provides information on instrument location, level of use, and contact details of the person responsible (Raven access only).

Research facilities and equipment at Cambridge

Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre

Provides state-of-the-art high resolution imaging methods for application to biological and biomedical problems throughout the University (based in the Department of Physiology).

Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre


We can provide quantitative microanalysis on a wide range of samples for research staff, academics and students within the Department of Chemistry and other science-related Departments in the University.

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