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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry NMR Service  

We provide NMR analytical chemistry services to:

  • Research workers within the department
  • Research workers in other University departments
  • External customers (please contact Dr Peter Grice, who will be able to answer your enquiry)


  • 13 high field superconducting magnet systems, with associated hardware, enabling a wide variety of experiments at various field strengths 
  • A separate Solid State NMR facility for the group of Professor Clare Grey  (more information available at the Grey Research Group website)

For more information about the individual instruments and their capabilities, go to the NMR Spectrometers page.

Services and supplies

  • A large range of deuterated solvents
  • Other chemicals of use in NMR spectroscopy.  
  • Assistance with basic interpretation of results
  • Tips on how to process your spectra to get the best results
  • Help with the TopSpin plot editor, running DOSY spectra and using the Dynamics software to process them, Non Uniform Sampling (NUS) and much more

For new members of the department wishing to get a copy of TopSpin for themselves - please see Duncan who will email you the instructions for getting up and running.

We are always busy, with a lot of samples in the in-tray.  You may receive an email with your data enclosed before the spectra are printed out and your sample returned.  If you don't need a hard copy printed please inform us, and we will put your sample tube out to be collected.

Contact us

For more information on what the spectrometers might do for you, please contact one of the NMR Service staff:

You can find more information about the NMR Service staff members here.  If you have questions about any aspect of the NMR service, email, phone or drop by our office in the basement (Room B28).

Current status

All of our instruments are operational as follows:

  • The Service QNP Cryoprobe (Cragganmore) in B28 has had the coldhead in the Cryoplatform replaced as part of its annual service and is now operational.
  • The 700MHz instrument (Arran) has had its annual service, and is now available.
  • The Smart Probe for the 500MHz system Glengrant in B19 has returned from repairs at Bruker.  Pulse lengths and power settings are almost identical to those when the probe was previously in the magnet, and therefore all the old parameter sets are approved for use.

Submission forms for samples for the NMR Service (in PDF and Powerpoint formats) for downloading: