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400 MHz Wide Bore Solid-State Spectrometer - 'Kinchie' - Room B17

We have two solid-state spectrometers in the basement area which are used by Department of Chemistry researchers. They are primarily used by members of Melinda Duer and Alex Forse's groups, but any researcher who needs solid-state spectroscopy is able to request time on these spectrometers in collaboration with these groups.  Kinchie was formerly known as Glenkinchie, however the solid-state groups have rebranded their instruments with a less alcoholic spin, albeit still based north of the border with Lossie, Kinchie and Nessie!!

Kinchie is equipped with a Bruker AVANCE NEO three-channel console, a magic angle spinning (MAS-III) unit, and can operate at temperatures ranging from -60ºC to 80ºC thanks to the BCU-II chiller or the liquid nitrogen dewar. Three probes are dedicated to this instrument:

  • 4mm double resonance HX probe (MAS up to 15 kHz)
  • 4mm triple resonance HXY probe (MAS up to 15 kHz)
  • 7mm double resonance HX probe (MAS up to 7 kHz)

The pictures above show the magnet and the console in the separate partitioned room.  This room has its own air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature, and has an automatic extract fan system in case of a quench.  This room also contains most of the noise associated with solid-state spectrometers, whilst still allowing an uninterrupted view to and from the operators position.  The glass partition features bespoke graphics depicting a solid-state pulse program.  Control of the spectrometer takes place in the central room which is also air conditioned and acts as the sample preparation area.

To find out more about the solid-state 600MHz ERC funded instrument that is purely used by Melinda's group please see their group solid-state NMR facilities page.