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The NMR Service in B28 can supply sample tubes for use in modern spectrometers.  For all the departmental instruments, we have standardised on a 8 inch 5mm Wilmad 528PP type tube.  We only accept samples for analysis in these tubes to avoid any chance of damage to the spectrometers.  Any Wilmad tubes of lower specification than these must not be used under any circumstances in any departmental spectrometer.  Research workers in possession of tubes other than Wilmad should contact the NMR Service in B28.

We are able to sell Wilmad 528PP 5mm tubes to departmental workers from B28.  They are available in packs of 5, or you can purchase them individually.  They are priced at £9.00 each.

We can also supply a higher specification tube - the Wilmad 535PP.  These are specifically for use in the departmental 700MHz instrument.  You can purchase Wilmad 535PP 5mm tubes again available individually or in boxes of 5.  Enquire in B28 for the price of these.

For certain applications we can also supply 3mm tubes at £2.50 each, and 4mm tubes at £1.95 each.

If you require Shigemi, amberised, quartz or other specialised tubes please see the NMR Service in B28, where we will be happy to advise and order these for you.  We can also supply medium walled tubes (Wilmad 504PP) for use with J. Young taps.

To complement the tubes, we have a large number of tube caps in various colours to replace the green ones supplied as standard.  Also available are septa caps for airtight tube sealing whilst allowing for syringe injection.

For shimming and test purposes, the NMR Section keep a range of sealed samples such as 0.1% Ethylbenzene in CDCl3 - hopefully researchers should not need these.

In certain circumstances, a sealed capillary tube of a different solvent may be required inside the main sample tube.  We have a selection of common solvents available on request.

A number of tubes seem to be neglected by researchers, and left beside instruments.  At £9.00 each, this is rather wasteful - please take your tubes with you when you leave!  The NMR Service have a number of abandoned tubes to give away each week, collected from the NMR rooms and which have gone unclaimed for two or more weeks.  These are supplied as seen, so may have chipped tops and still be full of someones sample.  However if you are prepared to clean them as described below you can add to your complement of tubes without your group funds being diminished!!

To clean your tubes, we recommend washing with acetone then alcohol, then leaving to stand for 24 hours.  Oven drying can cause warping which could damage the probes.