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500 MHz DCH Cryoprobe Spectrometer - 'Aberlour' - Room B28

The NMR Facility runs an NMR Service in room B28 utilising two spectrometers at 400 and 500 MHz, both with cryoprobes.  The 500 MHz DCH Cryoprobe is able to observe 1H and 13C nuclei.  The probe is optimised for 13C and the instrument is the best in the department for observing this nucleus.  It is within the capability of the spectrometer to acquire good 13C spectra on less than 1mg of material, taking a fraction of the time that a non-cryoprobe equipped instrument would.  It will also run a full suite of structure elucidating experiments in a couple of hours on more concentrated samples.  Recently we have developed Non Uniform Sampling variants of the common experiments for those occasions when there is very little sample, but there is a need to run the experiments more quickly.  The spectrometer operates using IconNMR with a sample changer, and will run automatically with samples added to the queue by the NMR Facility staff.  The common experiments run on this instrument are 1H, 13C, DEPT, COSY, HSQC, HMBC, TOCSY, ROESY and NOESY; more complex experiments can be set up as required.  Please talk to Duncan if you think your sample might require bespoke experiments. Some examples implemented in the last year include qNMR, multiple solvent suppression and quantitative solvent suppression methods.