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The NMR Service in B28 have a new vending machine for the vast majority of our Merck NMR consumables. This can be found in Room B25 alongside the instrument Lagavulin.  We are your preferred supplier of the correct types of NMR tubes [Z272019-1PAK for 7 inch to use on SampleJet on Tobermory and all other instruments] to prepare your samples in, now priced at £29.66 (incl. VAT) per 5 tube pack, plus NMR tube caps in various coloured packs of 100, priced at £8.04 (incl. VAT).

The following deuterated solvents are kept in stock, the prices are correct as of February 2022. Marketplace product prices from Merck (Sigma) are reviewed annually and the date of the rise will be noted on this website (2022 prices as listed below from 1st Feb 22 to 31st Jan 23, updated in April by us to include VAT). We have negotiated extremely favourable prices for the common items we buy in bulk from Merck, and now our Merck vending machine is installed the prices represent a 10% saving on those of the Marketplace. Saving you and your PI's money and increasing the grant spend on actual NMR experiments!! Fill in the consumables request form available here if you need anything that is too specialised or less well used to be stocked in the vending machine. The first table relates to all the items in the vending machine and is arranged in shelf order with the colour code to help you remember which shelf to select when you present your key fob. Each group has been allocated key fobs to access the touch screen selection panel and these are individually coded so that multiple grants or accounts can be used within PI groups.

Merck Vending Machine - 2022 Items and Prices (ex. VAT at 20%) Price per individual item 
Pink Shelf  
Benzene (C6D6) d6 10g bottle - 151815-10G-GL £23.49
Toluene (C7D8) d8 10g - Glass screwtop bottle - 434388-10G £25.41
Tetrahydrofuran (THF) (CD2)4O) d8 10g - Glass screwtop bottle - 184314-10G £64.20
Acetone ((CD3)2O) d6 10g - Glass screwtop bottle - 444863-10ML-GL £13.97
Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) d6 10g  - Septa Seal bottle - 151874-10G-SB £11.01
Methanol (CD3OD) d4 10g - Septa Seal bottle - 151947-10G-SB £15.35
  Yellow Shelf
Deuterium Oxide (D2O) d2 100% 10g - Glass screwtop bottle - 151882-10G £12.11
Polypropylene NMR tube caps, Pack of 100 in Red £8.04
Polypropylene NMR tube caps, Pack of 100 in White £8.04
Polypropylene NMR tube caps, Pack of 100 in Yellow £8.04
Polypropylene NMR tube caps, Pack of 100 in Green £8.04
Green Shelf  
Acetonitrile (CD3CN) d3 10g - Glass screwtop bottle - 151807-10G-GL £13.52
Pack of 5 Wilmad ® 528-PP NMR tubes 7" for all instruments - Z272019-1PK £29.66
Blue Shelf  
Dichloromethane (DCM) (CD2Cl2) d 25g - Glass screwtop bottle - 177865-25G £52.47
Chloroform (CDCl3) d1 100g - Glass screwtop bottle - 151823-100G £7.47
Methanol (CD3OD) d4 Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 441384-10X0.75ML £13.01
Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) d6 100% Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 151874-10X0.75ML £8.84
Orange Shelf  
Acetone ((CD3)2O) d6 Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 151793-10X0.75ML £10.67
Acetonitrile (CD3CN) d3 Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 151807-10X0.75ML £15.77
Benzene (C6D6) d6 Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 151815-10X0.75ML £18.44
Chloroform (CDCl3) d1 100% Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 151858-10X0.75ML £17.73
Deuterium Oxide (D2O) d2 100% Pack of 10x0.75ml vials - 151890-10X0.75ML £12.11
Dichloromethane (DCM) (CD2Cl2) d2 Pack of 10x1.0ml vials - 177865-10X1ML £24.08
Supplied by NMR Facility in B28  
Pyridine (C6D5N) d5 0.75ml vial Fluorochem (Eurisotop) 4.00
Tetrahydrofuran (THF) (CD2)4O) d8 0.75ml vial Fluorochem (Eurisotop) 16.00
Toluene (C7D8) d8 0.75ml vial Fluorochem (Eurisotop) 7.10
Chloroform (CDCl3) d1 100ml Fluorochem (Eurisotop) - Glass screwtop bottle 25.00
Sodium Deuteroxide (NaOD) 30% wt soln. in D2O 20g Sigma 47.00
Deuterium Chloride (DCl) 20% wt soln. in D2O 10g Acros 20.00


We have a range of other chemicals useful in NMR Spectroscopy.  These include D2SO4, DCl (£19.00), Sodium 3 - Trimethylsilylpropionate-2,2,3,3 (TSP) (d4), 3-(Trimethylsilyl)-propansulphonic acid Na salt (DSS), Tetramethylsilane (TMS), and Sodium Deuteroxide.  We also have some 'oddities' in our fridge which may be useful - please come and ask our advice.