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500 MHz AVIII HD Smart Probe Spectrometer - 'Glengrant' - Room B19

The Bruker Avance III HD 500 MHz Smart Probe spectrometer is housed in B19, at the other end of the room from the Avance 500 TCI instrument.  This is one of our most heavily used instruments, performing a large number of routine acquisitions as well as more specialised experiments.  The spectrometer is operated by trained users from various research groups.  The probe is a BBO Smart Probe type which is ideal for multinuclear work.

The full list of nuclei set up on this spectrometer is:

1H, 2H, 6Li, 7Li, 9Be, 11B, 13C, 15N, 17O, 19F, 23Na, 25Mg, 27Al, 29Si, 31P, 33S, 35Cl, 39K, 47Ti, 49Ti, 51V, 55Mn, 59Co, 67Zn, 69Ga, 75As, 77Se, 87Rb, 95Mo, 109Ag, 113Cd, 119Sn, 125Te, 133Cs, 139La, 195Pt, 207Pb

All of these nuclei are available to observe, however it is important to note that some of them have only been run with a specifically prepared test sample, not a real world example.  Please see the NMR Facility team in B28 if you are unsure whether your sample is concentrated enough to observe in a reasonable time.

The magnet has been fitted with a sample changer - this allows users to run a series of samples during the day or overnight if required - the IconNMR automation software is configured to interface with the probe to tune each individual sample.  A box of spinners is available to borrow from the NMR technical staff in B28.

This instrument is also set up with a BCU Chiller unit to allow VT experiments down to -80C.  This means that control of sub-zero temperatures can be handled from the operating workstation through the "edte" window, without having to attach and detach nitrogen dewars.

As well as being ideal for multinuclear and variable temperature work, the instrument will handle routine 1H and 13C acquisitions as well as COSY, HMQC/HSQC and HMBC on reasonably concentrated samples.  However, we recommend that researchers requiring a large accumulation time to achieve a reasonable 13C spectrum on this instrument should consider the time saving and quality improvement offered by our Service 500 Cryoprobe system.

This instrument can also be fitted with two other probes if there is demand for specialised work.  This instrument has hardware to enable it for three channel operation, which requires the probe to be changed.  The first probe is a TBO (Triple Resonance Broadband). This probe can be used to observe any nucleus in the range from 31P to 15N with decoupling simultaneously on 1H and 19F. The second is a TXI (Triple Resonance Inverse) which is suitable for biological studies.

Time allocation on this instrument is by the online booking system available here.  Please abide by the booking rules to ensure every user has a fair chance of getting a slot on the instrument.