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500 MHz TXI room temperature probe Spectrometer - 'Glenlivet' - Room B19

Trained user cryoprobe access will be moved to the 700 MHz spectrometer, as a result Glenlivet becomes available for open access automation.

One of our two 500 MHz instruments in B19, the Avance 500 TXI probe system provides good proton sensitivity, and with automatic tuning is suitable for open access automation. Proton based experiments are available, and with the upgrade to a new PC and Linux, data will be automatically emailed to you as on the other open access systems. If you have been trained on the other open access systems please come and see the NMR service before submitting your first sample here, and we can arrange card access to the room.

This system currently provides the best proton sensitivity of the open access machines, however carbon sensitivity is lower than the other systems. If you run full characterisation experiments and the 1D carbon is not good enough, please submit to the service or use the 700 MHz automation when available.

Note that because of the BACS sample changer your tube MUST be 7" or longer! Otherwise the sample could fail to be picked up or could drop in transit, which will disappoint other users! The submission form printout next to the PC can be used as a guide if the tube is shorter than the guide it MUST NOT be used on this system:


Unlike the other open access systems, Glenlivet runs using Bruker's standard IconNMR interface, in a mode designed to emulate the NMR Kiosk software. The same information is required, i.e. your group code, crsid (which is also used to determine the email address to send to), and sample code, but here these are entered separately in the boxes on the left hand side of the submission window:


IconNMR sample submission


Solvent and experiment should be selected from the drop down menus - default is CDCl3 and standard proton. All other experiment run overnight although the PROTON_COSY may run in the daytime if there is no queue.  When you have entered the details click Submit and the required holder position will be indicated:


Carousel position indicator


Place your sample in the correct holder and click OK to submit. Note that the changer belt can be rotated using the left and right arrow buttons on the changer in order to move the required sample position close to you - don't lean over into the centre of the changer!

All standard solvents are available, however for technical reasons please only submit CDCl3 samples during the day, otherwise probe retuning adds somewhat to the sample turnaround time. CDCl3 samples should complete in 5-6 minutes per sample as for the other systems.