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Department of Chemistry


See our videos

See our staff and students, below, talking about their work here in the department. Or view these videos, along with others, on the Cambridge Chemistry YouTube Channel.


The Alchemist's Apprentices

Dr Peter Wothers, Teaching Fellow in Physical Chemistry, explores the properties of fire, water, rock and air with students in these Key Stage 3/4 Chemistry BBC Class Clips.


Why Chemistry is NOT for everyone!

Only people who like fire, loud bangs and making their own ice cream without a freezer should become Chemists. Watch our video to discover if YOU could be one of them!


Chemistry of Health building goes up

This great video from Hideaway Studios shows our new Chemistry of Health building going up in just three minutes.


Becoming a postgrad Chemistry student 

Find out what it's like becoming a postgraduate (PhD or MPhil) Chemistry student at Cambridge.


Grandmother with Alzheimer's inspired Syrian teen to seek Cambridge Chemistry place

Abdullah Kattineh battled power cuts, studying by candlelight and poring over chemistry papers on the tiny screen of a battered mobile phone, as he worked to win a place here to study Chemistry.


Copying iridescent colours from the natural world

"When light interacts with micro-structures on the surfaces of peacock feathers or butterflies, it causes some of the most vibrant colours in the natural world." Find out how. 


Explaining artificial photosynthesis - in Lego!

Using Lego, Reisner Lab researchers explain how they're mimicking Nature in their seach for ways to make 'green' fuels.


Bad Air Day?

Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health risk but new sensors developed here could help us understand and tackle the problem. 


The next DNA revolution begins here

Professors Sir Shankar Balasubramanian and David Klenerman talk about how they developed next-generation DNA sequencing which has dramatically speeded up the sequencing process and cut its cost.


Healing the ozone hole to save our skin

Professor John Pyle and colleagues played a leading role in demonstrating the effect of man-made gases on the ozone layer, and the consequences for human health. Here they talk about this work.


Hear us in action

Here you can listen to recent podcasts and audio recordings.

Hear Professor John Pyle FRS tell the BBC World Service why there is good news about the ozone hole (interview starts 26:30 into the programme; you may need to sign into your BBC account).

Hear Dr Alex Thom as he joins The Naked Scientists to talk about The Chemistry of Wine


On BBC Radio 4, Professor Clare Grey discusses her work in developing next-generation batteries in The Big Battery Challenge, an episode of The Life Scientific.


With The Naked Scientists, Dr Gonçalo Bernardes talks about The Nerve Cells that Control Obesity.


Dame Carol Robinson describes her journey from leaving school at 16 to becoming the first female Professor of Chemistry at both Oxford and Cambridge University on BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific.