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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

Synthesis of sp<sup>3</sup>-rich heterocyclic frameworks by a divergent synthesis strategy
KT Mortensen, DSY Wong, TA King, HF Sore, DR Spring
– Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Selective Functionalisation of 5‐Methylcytosine by Organic Photoredox Catalysis
MM Simpson, CC Lam, JM Goodman, S Balasubramanian
– Angewandte Chemie
Selective Functionalisation of 5-Methylcytosine by Organic Photoredox Catalysis.
MM Simpson, CC Lam, JM Goodman, S Balasubramanian
– Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Development of constrained peptide inhibitors targeting an oncogenic E3 ubiquitin ligase
G Zenkevičiūtė, W Xu, J Iegre, H Seki, YS Tan, PJE Rowling, F Ferrer, C Verma, D Spring, H Laman, L Itzhaki
Substrate-Directed Enantioselective Aziridination of Alkenyl Alcohols Controlled by a Chiral Cation.
R Phipps, A Fanourakis, N Hodson, A Lit
– J Am Chem Soc
Selective inhibitors of the Aurora A-TPX2 protein-protein interaction exhibit in vivo efficacy as targeted anti-mitotic agents
SR Stockwell, DE Scott, G Fischer, E Guarino, TPC Rooney, T-S Feng, T Moschetti, R Srinivasan, E Alza, A Asteian, C Dagostin, A Alcaide, M Rocaboy, B Blaszczyk, A Higueruelo, X Wang, M Rossmann, TR Perrior, TL Blundell, DR Spring, G McKenzie, C Abell, J Skidmore, M Hyvönen, AR Venkitaraman
Interpreting vibrational circular dichroism spectra: the Cai center dot factor for absolute configuration with confidence
J Goodman, RJ Lewis, J Lam
– J Cheminform
Scalable Palladium-Catalyzed C(sp3)-H Carbonylation of Alkylamines in Batch and Continuous Flow
J Zakrzewski, P Yaseneva, CJ Taylor, MJ Gaunt, AA Lapkin
– Organic Process Research & Development
Quantitative in Silico Prediction of the Rate of Protodeboronation by a Mechanistic Density Functional Theory-Aided Algorithm
DS Wigh, M Tissot, P Pasau, JM Goodman, AA Lapkin
– J Phys Chem A
Recognition-Encoded Synthetic Information Molecules
G Iadevaia, CA Hunter
– Acc Chem Res
A Recombinant Approach For Stapled Peptide Discovery Yields Inhibitors of the RAD51 Recombinase
T Pantelejevs, P Zuazua-Villar, O Koczy, A Counsell, S Walsh, N Robertson, D Spring, J Downs, M Hyvönen
The human proton pump inhibitors inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis rifampicin efflux, and macrophage-induced rifampicin tolerance
MA Lake, KN Adams, F Nie, E Fowler, AK Verma, S Dei, E Teodori, DR Sherman, PH Edelstein, DR Spring, M Troll, L Ramakrishnan
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Peroxide-cleavable linkers for antibody-drug conjugates.
N Ashman, JD Bargh, SJ Walsh, RD Greenwood, A Tiberghien, JS Carroll, DR Spring
– Chem Commun (Camb)
A Chiral Amine Transfer Approach to the Photocatalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of α‑Trialkyl-α-tertiary Amines
GR Harris, AD Trowbridge, MJ Gaunt
– Organic Letters
Front Cover: Hybrid Androgen Receptor Inhibitors Outperform Enzalutamide and EPI‐001 in in vitro Models of Prostate Cancer Drug Resistance (ChemMedChem 2/2023)
RCB Nicolescu, ZR Maylin, FJ Pérez‐Areales, J Iegre, HS Pandha, M Asim, DR Spring
– ChemMedChem
Multicomponent synthesis of α-chloro alkylboronic esters via visible-light-mediated dual catalysis
B Li, A Bunescu, MJ Gaunt
– Chem
Substituent Effects on Aromatic Interactions in Water
G Tobajas-Curiel, Q Sun, JKM Sanders, P Ballester, CA Hunter
– Chemical Science
Substituent effects on aromatic interactions in water †
G Tobajas-Curiel, Q Sun, JKM Sanders, P Ballester, CA Hunter
– Chemical Science
Exploring the chemical space of phenyl sulfide oxidation by automated optimization
P Mueller, A Vriza, AD Clayton, OS May, N Govan, S Notman, SV Ley, TW Chamberlain, RA Bourne
– Reaction Chemistry and Engineering
The surface site interaction point approach to non-covalent interactions.
MC Storer, CA Hunter
– Chemical Society reviews