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Chemistry Open Day 

We offer many different activities and outreach to schools and the general public during the annual Cambridge Science Festival. In 2018, it will run from 12th to 25th March. The Department of Chemistry Open Day that takes place as part of the Science Festival will take place on Saturday 17th March. To book tickets for It's a Gas click here.

UK Chemistry Olympiad

This annual competition, hosted in the department, is a great opportunity for teachers to stretch talented chemistry students beyond the curriculum. Register your school now on the Royal Society of Chemistry website (closing date 18 January 2018).

More activities:

The UK Chemistry Olympiad

The UK Chemistry Olympiad is a challenging competition for post-16 students. Run by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the competition includes a selection weekend here in Cambridge.

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Dr Wothers' demonstration lecture: It's a Gas

Dr Pete Wothers' spectacular demonstration lectures are always a very popular feature of the Cambridge Science Festival.

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