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A Research Associate of this department has written a book aimed at encouraging children as young as three to learn about the natural world.

Anna and Evan Meet Charles Darwin is an engaging and educational book aimed at young children (ages 3-6) to encourage their curiosity about the natural world and interest in science. It can be read online (below) at no cost. It is also available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions. The profits from sales of the book will be used to fund the production of the next book in the series.

In the book, Anna and Evan go on a magical adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin, discover unusual animals and learn some interesting scientific facts.

The book was co-written by Dr Tanya Hutter, a Research Associate of the department, who herself has two young children. The book has been supported by the L’Oréal UK and Ireland For Women In Science Fellowship.

Tanya says: "When I was looking for books to read to my daughter when she was four, I could find lots of titles about princesses and unicorns. But as a scientist, I wanted to encourage her to learn about science, and to question how things work and why. When I looked for those kinds of books for children of her age, I couldn't find them. So I got together with a friend, Lina Daniel, to write one."

Dr Hutter adds: "I also want her to know that scientists are real people who pursue interesting scientific questions - and that anyone can become a scientist. I hope that Anna and Evan Meet Charles Darwin will be the first in a series of books for young children about famous scientists.

"I chose Charles Darwin for the first book as I have been a Fellow of Darwin College, and also because he is so well known. But I'd like the next book to be about Marie Curie."