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June/July 2021


The Salters’ Institute Festivals of Chemistry have traditionally been one-day events for students aged 11-14, involving teams of students visiting their local universities to take part in Salters’ Chemistry Challenges and other chemistry-related activities. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Salters' are taking their Festivals of Chemistry online. Their focus this year will be regional with six Festivals across the UK: Festival Scotland, Festival NW, Festival NE, Festival SE, Festival SW and Festival Wales.  The University of Cambridge will be contributing resources to the Festival SE.  The  Festivals will go live from late June to mid-July 2021. Each Festival will run for approximately one week and content from universities within that region will be hosted online on our Festivals 2021 platform.


Festivals 2021 will focus on students aged 14-16 and their teachers and technicians, given the disruption to education across the UK in 2020/21.

There will be two main objectives: 1) to inspire students and 2) to support and empower teachers. The Festivals Programme will include recorded experiments, virtual tours of labs and campuses, mini talks and lectures, CPD sessions and much more.

To register your interest and to reserve teacher and student passes contact:


NB. The Salters’ Institute plays a major role in the support of chemistry teaching, the encouragement of young people to pursue careers in the UK chemical industries, and the promotion of chemical education including the whole area of curriculum development.