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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

A Novel Study on the Role of Pressure on Surface Adsorption from Solutions.
N Sharifi, T Liu, SM Clarke
– J Phys Chem B
Large simulated future changes in the nitrate radical under the CMIP6 SSP scenarios: implications for oxidation chemistry
S Archer-Nicholls, R Allen, NL Abraham, PT Griffiths, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
An in situ liquid environment for synchrotron hard X-ray nanoprobe microscopy
GT van de Kerkhof, JM Walker, S Agrawal, SM Clarke, MH Sk, DJ Craske, R Lindsay, M Dowhyj, A Osundare, ME Schuster, JE Parker
– Materials at High Temperatures
Tropospheric ozone budget in AerChemMIP experiments
P Griffiths, Y Shin, J Keeble, A Archibald
The sensitivity of Southern Ocean atmospheric dimethyl sulfide to modelled sources and emissions
Y Bhatti, L Revell, A Schuddeboom, A McDonald, A Archibald, J Williams, A Venugopal, C Hardacre, E Behrens
Neural network studies of air quality and socioeconomic predictors of mortality
M Wan, A Archibald
Development, intercomparison and evaluation of an improved mechanism for the oxidation of dimethyl sulfide
A Archibald, B Cala, S Archer-Nicholls, NL Abraham, P Griffiths, L Jacob, M Shin, L Revell, M Woodhouse
Airborne observations over the North Atlantic Ocean reveal the first gas-phase measurements of urea in the atmosphere
E Matthews, T Bannan, MA Khan, D Shallcross, H Stark, E Browne, A Archibald, S Bauguitte, C Reed, N Thamban, H Wu, J Lee, L Carpenter, M-X Yang, T Bell, G Allen, C Percival, G McFiggans, M Gallagher, H Coe
The Role of Anthropogenic Aerosols in Recent North Atlantic Climate Change: A Synthesis of Findings from the UK ACSIS Programme
L Wilcox, R Sutton, J Robson, B Dong, P Griffiths, D Grosvenor, D Hodson, J Keeble, S Rumbold, A Archibald, K Carslaw, A Dittus, B Harvey, B Sinha
Regional impacts of CO and NOx mitigation in a methane emissions-driven model
Z Staniaszek, PT Griffiths, GA Folberth, FM O'Connor, AT Archibald
Assessment of dimethyl sulfide atmospheric oxidation mechanisms, used in both box models and global models, through the comparison with previous experiments
L Jacob, C Giorio, A Archibald
Using reduced representations of atmospheric fields to quantify the causal drivers of air pollution
S Hickman, P Griffiths, P Nowack, A Archibald
The role of sulfur oxidation on cloud and aerosol properties in UKESM1 CMIP6 historical experiments
V Sakulsupich, PT Griffiths, AT Archibald
Southern Ocean Emissions of DMS
Y Bhatti, L Revell, S Alex, M Adrian, A Alex, W Jonny, B Erik
A Novel Method for Quantifying Terrestrial SOA-Markers in Antarctic Ice
E Bushrod, E Thomas, C Giorio
Formation of amyloid loops in brain tissues is controlled by the flexibility of protofibril chains
A Miller, J Wei, S Meehan, CM Dobson, ME Welland, D Klenerman, M Vendruscolo, FS Ruggeri, TPJ Knowles
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Theoretical and Data-Driven Approaches for Biomolecular Condensates
KL Saar, D Qian, LL Good, AS Morgunov, R Collepardo-Guevara, RB Best, TPJ Knowles
– Chemical reviews
High-density volumetric super-resolution microscopy
S Daly, JF Fernandes, E Bruggeman, A Handa, R Peters, S Benaissa, B Zhang, J Beckwith, E Sanders, R Sims, D Klenerman, S Davis, K O’Holleran, S Lee
Surfaces for Study of Receptor Dynamics on T Cells.
J McColl, D Klenerman
– Methods Mol Biol
Ultra-low oxygen, liquid sample cell for in situ synchrotron-based small-wide angle scattering (SAXS-WAXS)
MH Sk, S Agrawal, M Woolley, SM Clarke, A Osundare, D Craske, R Lindsay, A Smith, T Snow, T Zinn, N Terrill
– Review of Scientific Instruments