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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

Bioprinting microporous functional living materials from protein-based core-shell microgels.
Y Ou, S Cao, Y Zhang, H Zhu, C Guo, W Yan, F Xin, W Dong, Y Zhang, M Narita, Z Yu, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Communications
Enhanced surface nano-analytics of transient biomolecular processes
A Miller, S Chia, Z Toprakcioglu, T Hakala, R Schmid, Y Feng, T Kartanas, A Kamada, M Vendruscolo, FS Ruggeri, TPJ Knowles
– Science advances
Dynamic Diastereomerism on Chiral Surfaces
SC Matysik, DJ Wales, SJ Jenkins
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Energy Conversion and Storage, Optical and Electronic Devices, Interfaces, Nanomaterials, and Hard Matter
A Kinetic Map of the Influence of Biomimetic Lipid Model Membranes on Aβ42 Aggregation
KN Baumann, G Šneiderienė, M Sanguanini, M Schneider, O Rimon, A González Díaz, H Greer, D Thacker, S Linse, TPJ Knowles, M Vendruscolo
– ACS Chem Neurosci
Biomolecular condensate phase diagrams with a combinatorial microdroplet platform
WE Arter, R Qi, NA Erkamp, G Krainer, K Didi, TJ Welsh, J Acker, J Nixon-Abell, S Qamar, J Guillén-Boixet, TM Franzmann, D Kuster, AA Hyman, A Borodavka, PS George-Hyslop, S Alberti, TPJ Knowles
– Nat Commun
Perphenazine-Macrocycle Conjugates Rapidly Sequester the A beta 42 Monomer and Prevent Formation of Toxic Oligomers and Amyloid
SR Ball, JSP Adamson, MA Sullivan, MR Zimmermann, V Lo, M Sanz-Hernandez, X Jiang, AH Kwan, ADJ McKenzie, EL Werry, TPJ Knowles, M Kassiou, G Meisl, MH Todd, PJ Rutledge, M Sunde
– ACS chemical neuroscience
Microfluidics for multiscale studies of biomolecular condensates.
NA Erkamp, R Qi, TJ Welsh, TPJ Knowles
– Lab on a chip
Selenium Silk Nanostructured Films for Antifungal and Antibacterial Treatments
Z Toprakcioglu, E Wiita, A Jayaram, R Gregory, T Knowles
Corrosion inhibitor distribution on abrasive-blasted steels.
A Krautsieder, N Sharifi, DC Madden, J Sonke, AF Routh, SM Clarke
– J Colloid Interface Sci
The Chromatin Regulator HMGA1a Undergoes Phase Separation in the Nucleus**
H Zhu, M Narita, JA Joseph, G Krainer, WE Arter, I Olan, KL Saar, N Ermann, JR Espinosa, Y Shen, MA Kuri, R Qi, TJ Welsh, R Collepardo-Guevara, M Narita, TPJ Knowles
– Chembiochem
Core-Shell Spheroid-Laden Microgels Crosslinked under Biocompatible Conditions for Probing Cancer-Stromal Communication
H Zhu, LWY Roode, AJ Parry, NA Erkamp, M Rodriguez-Garcia, M Narita, Y Shen, Y Ou, Z Toprakcioglu, M Narita, TPJ Knowles
– Advanced NanoBiomed Research
Serological fingerprints link antiviral activity of therapeutic antibodies to affinity and concentration
S Fiedler, SRA Devenish, AS Morgunov, A Ilsley, F Ricci, M Emmenegger, V Kosmoliaptsis, ES Theel, JR Mills, AM Sholukh, A Aguzzi, A Iwasaki, AK Lynn, TPJ Knowles
– Scientific Reports
Large Simulated Future Changes in the Nitrate Radical Under the CMIP6 SSP Scenarios: Implications for Oxidation Chemistry
S Archer-Nicholls, R Allen, NL Abraham, PT Griffiths, AT Archibald
Supplementary material to "Large Simulated Future Changes in the Nitrate Radical Under the CMIP6 SSP Scenarios: Implications for Oxidation Chemistry"
S Archer-Nicholls, R Allen, NL Abraham, PT Griffiths, AT Archibald
Structure-Based Discovery of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of the Autocatalytic Proliferation of α‑Synuclein Aggregates
S Chia, Z Faidon Brotzakis, RI Horne, A Possenti, B Mannini, R Cataldi, M Nowinska, R Staats, S Linse, TPJ Knowles, J Habchi, M Vendruscolo
– Mol Pharm
Non-specificity as the sticky problem in therapeutic antibody development
H Ausserwöger, MM Schneider, TW Herling, P Arosio, G Invernizzi, TPJ Knowles, N Lorenzen
– Nature Reviews Chemistry
Microscale Diffusiophoresis of Proteins.
QAE Peter, RPB Jacquat, TW Herling, PK Challa, T Kartanas, TPJ Knowles
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Multi-dimensional protein solubility optimization with an ultra-high-throughput microfluidic platform
NA Erkamp, M Oeller, T Sneideris, H Ausserwӧger, A Levin, T Welsh, R Qi, D Qian, H Zhu, P Sormanni, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles
Author Correction: Pathological structural conversion of α-synuclein at the mitochondria induces neuronal toxicity
ML Choi, A Chappard, BP Singh, C Maclachlan, M Rodrigues, EI Fedotova, AV Berezhnov, S De, CJ Peddie, D Athauda, GS Virdi, W Zhang, JR Evans, AI Wernick, ZS Zanjani, PR Angelova, N Esteras, AY Vinokurov, K Morris, K Jeacock, L Tosatto, D Little, P Gissen, DJ Clarke, T Kunath, L Collinson, D Klenerman, AY Abramov, MH Horrocks, S Gandhi
– Nat Neurosci
Characterization of full-length p53 aggregates and their kinetics of formation.
L Julian, JC Sang, Y Wu, G Meisl, JH Brelstaff, A Miller, MR Cheetham, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles, FS Ruggeri, C Bryant, S Ros, KM Brindle, D Klenerman
– Biophysical Journal