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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Measurements with numbers: turning phenomena into quantitative science

The Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry Research Interest group has two broad but overlapping aims. One is to understand the properties of molecular systems in terms of physical principles. This work underpins many developing technological applications that affect us all, such as nanotechnology, sensors and molecular medicine. The other is atmospheric chemistry, where we study the interactions between chemical composition, climate and health, using a range of computer modelling and experiment-based approaches. Together, these interests form a richly interdisciplinary subject which spans the full range of scientific methodologies - experimental, theoretical and computational. Discoveries in this RIG have resulted in a number of practical applications in areas such as rapid DNA sequencing, high performance memory devices, accurate crystal structure prediction, and more effective monitoring of local and global air quality.

Research Themes                                

Polar stratospheric clouds seen from the Department of Chemistry

Atmospheric science

Archibald, Giorio, Jones (R.), Kalberer, Pyle, Schmidt


Klenerman, Knowles, Lee, Taraskin



S Clarke, D Jefferson, S Jenkins, D Klenerman

Physical Chemistry of Materials

Elliott, Forse, Grey, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jones (W.)


Elliott, Jones (R.), Klenerman, Knowles, Ostanin                         


Forse, Grey, Keeler, Klenerman, Lee

Surface science

Clarke (S.), Jenkins