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Department of Chemistry


Targeting oligomer dynamics provides hope for new Alzheimer’s therapies

Lead author Dr Thomas Michaels developed a maths model

Researchers have revealed for the first time the surprising behaviour of toxic oligomers in the amyloid aggregation process involved in Alzheimer’s and other  diseases, thus opening up routes for new therapies against these dreaded killers.

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Supporting the fight against COVID-19

Matt Bushen and NIck Bampos deliver PPE to Addenbrooke's, courtesy Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry has delivered safety glasses and gloves to Addenbrooke's Hospital to support local NHS staff in the battle against COVID-19.

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3D printed corals could improve bioenergy and help coral reefs

Scanning electron microscope image of the microalgal colonies in the hybrid living biopolymers: Daniel Wangpraseurt

A team of researchers here and in the US have designed bionic 3D-printed corals that could help energy production and coral reef research.

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Using visible light to trigger the union of feedstocks

Image of Matthew Gaunt: Department of Chemistry Photography

A new chemical transformation using visible light to trigger the union of readily available feedstocks has enabled researchers to produce complex tertiary alkylamines in a single step. This could streamline the synthesis of novel small molecules.

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Hackathon against COVID-19

Layla working at her computer with her assistant

A PhD student here has just taken part in a 72-hour 'Code vs COVID' hackathon to develop open source prototypes to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Coronavirus: Unexpected Consequences

Courtesy Nathan Pitt, Department of Chemistry

Although he hasn't been studying the virus itself, Professor Rod Jones has been investigating an unexpected positive consequence of the virus caused by movement restrictions imposed by the government during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Farewell to our colleague

Courtesy Nathan Pitt, Department of Chemistry

We are sorry to say farewell to our colleague Carl Hogsden, who passed away last Thursday after a long illness.

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A way to spike the guns of coronavirus?

Image: CDC on Unsplash

Researchers here who normally design antibodies for use against Alzheimer’s disease are now redirecting the same approach to develop antibodies against the coronavirus.

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Study shines light on new virus detection approach

Image: Unsplash

A research team that includes scientists in this department has identified a strategy for rapidly detecting the DNA of pathogens – the microorganisms that cause disease – that could be relevant to the diagnosis of the COVID-19 virus.

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A sad farewell to Dr Stuart Warren

We are very sad to be sharing the news that our colleague Dr Stuart Warren passed away on Sunday 22nd March.

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