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Department of Chemistry


Professor Clare Grey awarded Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance

Courtesy Department of Chemistry Photography

Professor Clare Grey has been awarded the 2020 Richard R. Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance for her contributions to the use of solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods to study paramagnetic materials.

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New way to tackle cancer drug resistance

Dr Andreas Bender hopes his research will lead to better cancer treatments (courtesy Department of Chemistry)

Researchers have developed a way to identify rare drug resistance markers in cancer cells, which could open new ways to tackle the increasing problem of cancer drug resistance.

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New promotions announced

Silvia Vignolini, Hugo Bronstein and Steven Lee, courtesy Department of Chemistry Photography

Congratulations to Silvia Vignolini on her promotion to Professor, and to Hugo Bronstein and Steven Lee on their promotions to Reader.

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Stephanie Smith receives Innovative Teaching award

Stephanie Smith as she appears on Zoom

Teaching Fellow Dr Stephanie Smith has been honoured for her innovative teaching by the Cambridge University Students’ Union Student-Led Teaching Awards.

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Hunter receives RSC Supramolecular Chemistry Award

Courtesy Gabriella Bocchetti, Department of Chemistry

Professor Christopher Hunter has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry 2020 Supramolecular Chemistry Award for his pioneering work in the field.

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Using garden plants to make hydrogen

Courtesy Reisner Research Group

Researchers here have shown that hydrogen can be made using garden plants and river water, leading to hopes the green energy source could be manufactured without using fossil fuels.

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Researchers move closer to better lithium metal batteries

Co-authors Märker and Rinkel working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown

Researchers here have taken another small step forward towards commercially viable lithium metal batteries - and a large and exciting step forward in the understanding of these systems.

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Abell receives RSC Interdisciplinary Prize

Courtesy Nathan Pitt, Department of Chemistry

Professor Chris Abell has received the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2020 Interdisciplinary Prize for his pioneering work on fragment-based drug discovery and microfluidic microdroplets.

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RSC Surfaces and Interfaces Award goes to Michaelides

Courtesy Nathan Pitt, Department of Chemistry

Professor Angelos Michaelides has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry 2020 Surfaces and Interfaces award for his outstanding contributions towards the understanding of complex aqueous interfaces and the formation of ice at such interfaces.

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Ozone may reduce ambulance turn-around time

Dr Giorio monitoring ozone flow to the fume cupboard.

Researchers in the Centre for Atmospheric Science here have been helping scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to test how ozone could speed up the cleaning of ambulances and potentially save lives.

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