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Department of Chemistry


Showcasing our students' work

Image courtesy of the Department of Chemistry

This week is Chemistry Showcase Week when, to enhance their science communication skills, our postgraduate students must present their research to all of us.

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Chemistry of Health building 'offers hope.'

Image courtesy of the Department of Chemistry

"Our scientists and this building offer hope," said Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Toope as he opened the Chemistry of Health building, dedicated to combating diseases like the neurodegenerative disorders Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

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Sunlight converts waste plastics into fuel

Image courtesy of the Reisner Lab

Taylor Uekert and colleagues in the Reisner lab have developed a sunlight-driven method to convert plastic waste into fuel and useful chemicals.

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Researchers discover unexpected stability of “raspberry” colloids

Image courtesy of the Melville Laboratory

Researchers from the department’s Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis have created a new raspberry-like colloid whose unexpected stability creates the potential for many new uses.

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Chemistry alumnus chosen as Hero of Chemistry

Ray Finlay image courtesy of AstraZeneca

Chemistry alumnus Dr Ray Finlay has been chosen by the American Chemical Society (ACS) as a Hero of Chemistry.

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Researchers discover how to 're-wire' photosynthesis

Image courtesy of Katarzyna Sokół

Scientists here have found a way to 're-wire' photosynthesis so that it can split water into hydrogen and oxygen much more efficiently than is presently possible.

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Year 11 students learn about life in Chemistry

Image courtesy Trinity Hall

High-achieving Year 11 girls visited the department in August to learn more about life as a Cambridge student.

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Grandmother with Alzheimer's inspired Syrian teen to study Chemistry

Courtesy Abdullah Kattineh

Syrian teenager Abdullah Kattineh is determined to find a cure for Alzheimer’s by studying chemistry in Cambridge.

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Bio-mimetics innovator receives award

Courtesy Department of Chemistry

Dr Silvia Vignolini has been awarded the 2018 KINGFA Young Investigator award.

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New funding helps fight rare diseases

Image courtesy of Healx

A Cambridge company co-founded by a Chemistry alumnus and department member has just received a boost of $10 million (~£8 million) in Series A funding for its fight against rare diseases.

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