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Department of Chemistry

Morphological effects on the photocatalytic properties of SnO<inf>2</inf> nanostructures
A Kar, J Olszówka, S Sain, SRI Sloman, O Montes, A Fernández, SK Pradhan, AEH Wheatley
– Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Natural abundance solid-state 33S NMR study of NbS3: applications for battery conversion electrodes.
DM Halat, S Britto, KJ Griffith, E Jónsson, CP Grey
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
NMR Study of the Degradation Products of Ethylene Carbonate in Silicon-Lithium Ion Batteries.
Y Jin, N-JH Kneusels, CP Grey
– The journal of physical chemistry letters
Inhibiting Analyte Theft in SERS Substrates: sub-Nanomolar Quantitative Drug Detection.
B de Nijs, C Carnegie, I Szabo, D-B Grys, R Chikkaraddy, M Kamp, SJ Barrow, C Readman, M-E Kleemann, OA Scherman, E Rosta, JJ Baumberg
– ACS Sens
The Development of Biophotovoltaic Systems for Power Generation and Biological Analysis
LT Wey, P Bombelli, X Chen, JM Lawrence, CM Rabideau, SJL Rowden, JZ Zhang, CJ Howe
– ChemElectroChem
Cation Disorder and Lithium Insertion Mechanism of Wadsley-Roth Crystallographic Shear Phases from First Principles
CP Koçer, KJ Griffith, CP Grey, AJ Morris
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Emerging Two-Dimensional Crystallization of Cucurbit[8]uril Complexes: From Supramolecular Polymers to Nanofibers
JD Barrio, J Liu, RA Brady, CSY Tan, S Chiodini, M Ricci, R Fernández-Leiro, C-J Tsai, P Vasileiadi, L Di Michele, D Lairez, C Toprakcioglu, OA Scherman
– J Am Chem Soc
Photoreforming of Nonrecyclable Plastic Waste over a Carbon Nitride/Nickel Phosphide Catalyst.
T Uekert, H Kasap, E Reisner
– J Am Chem Soc
Temperature Controls Guest Uptake and Release from Zn4L4 Tetrahedra.
D Zhang, TK Ronson, S Güryel, JD Thoburn, DJ Wales, JR Nitschke
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Poly(ADP ribose) links the DNA damage response and biomineralization
KH Müller, R Hayward, R Rajan, M Whitehead, AM Cobb, S Ahmad, M Sun, I Goldberga, R Li, U Bashtanova, AM Puszkarska, DG Reid, RA Brooks, JN Skepper, J Bordoloi, WY Chow, H Oschkinat, A Groombridge, OA Scherman, JA Harrison, A Verhulst, PC D'Haese, E Neven, L-M Needham, SF Lee, CM Shanahan, MJ Duer
– Cell Rep
Heme ligation and redox chemistry in two bacterial thiosulfate dehydrogenase (TsdA) enzymes
LP Jenner, JM Kurth, S van Helmont, KP Sokol, E Reisner, C Dahl, JM Bradley, JN Butt, MR Cheesman
– Journal of Biological Chemistry
Long-Wavelength Reflecting Filters Found in the Larval Retinas of One Mantis Shrimp Family (Nannosquillidae).
KD Feller, D Wilby, G Jacucci, S Vignolini, J Mantell, TJ Wardill, TW Cronin, NW Roberts
– Curr Biol
Detection of nucleic acids and other low abundance components in native bone and osteosarcoma extracellular matrix by isotope enrichment and DNP-enhanced NMR
I Goldberga, R Li, WY Chow, DG Reid, U Bashtanova, R Rajan, A Puszkarska, H Oschkinat, MJ Duer
– RSC Advances
Visible‐Light‐Driven CO2 Reduction by Mesoporous Carbon Nitride Modified with Polymeric Cobalt Phthalocyanine
S Roy, E Reisner
– Angewandte Chemie
Novel semiconducting iron-quinizarin metal-organic framework for application in supercapacitors
S Agrawal, SM Clarke, IJ Vitorica-Yrezabal, C Liu, W Fang, PT Wood, D Wright
– Molecular Physics
Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry for the Rapid Determination of the Topology of Interlocked and Knotted Molecules.
A Kruve, K Caprice, R Lavendomme, JM Wollschläger, S Schoder, HV Schröder, JR Nitschke, FBL Cougnon, CA Schalley
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Protein film electrochemical EPR spectroscopy as a technique to investigate redox reactions in biomolecules
K Abdiaziz, E Salvadori, KP Sokol, E Reisner, MM Roessler
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Bulk synthesis of graphene-like materials possessing turbostratic graphite and graphene nanodomains via combustion of magnesium in carbon dioxide
TH Kim, CR Merritt, C Ducati, AD Bond, N Bampos, CL Brown
– Carbon
J Zhu, CJE Haynes, M Kieffer, JL Greenfield, RD Greenhalgh, JR Nitschke, UF Keyser
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Pharmaceutical Crystallography A Guide to Structure and Analysis
A Bond