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Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions Open Day

The Chemistry Department at Cambridge is one of the highest profile research environments in the world for chemical sciences and we offer our graduate students many exciting opportunities to explore their passions in these fields to the highest levels. 

We will be holding our annual Graduate Admissions Open Day on Friday 23rd October 2015 for prospective graduates wanting to come to Cambridge for an MPhil or PhD starting in 2016. Come and see what we do – a whole day of talks, tours, posters and refreshments. This will give prospective students around 4 weeks to submit a Departmental Preliminary Application Form.

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The Application Process

In most instances, those of you wishing to apply directly to the Chemistry Department to study for an MPhil or PhD for entry in 2016 will need to complete the Departmental Preliminary Application Form and submit it by the deadline of November 30th 2015. The preliminary form, guidelines and an application flow chart are included in the links below.

Other routes to study here, particularly those for international students, will also require use the GRADSAF online system which can be accessed through the University’s Graduate Admissions website. In both cases, applicants need to provide information on the area of research they are interested in and the names of potential supervisors. There are very tight deadline in place.

Please direct any initial enquiries or questions by email to Alice Jago (


Application Deadlines

  • MPhil in Chemistry For entry in October 2016 please refer to the application flow chart (below). You will need to apply using the Departmental Preliminary Application Form. The deadline for submitting applications is November 30th 2015.

Cambridge MPhil in Chemistry Application Flow Chart  (PDF format)

Cambridge MPhil in Chemistry Preliminary Application Form (PDF format)

Cambridge MPhil in Chemistry Preliminary Application Form (MSWord format)


  • PhD in Chemistry The official deadline for PhD applications is 3 months prior to the preferred start date. But due to competition for places as well as funding, submitting applications as early as possible is strongly encouraged. For entry in October 2016 please refer to the application flow chart (below) to see what funding routes might be available to you. It is likely that you will have to apply using the Departmental Preliminary Application Form, in which case November 30th 2015 is the last date we can accept applications.

Cambridge PhD in Chemistry Preliminary Application Flow Chart (PDF format)

Cambridge PhD in Chemistry Preliminary Application Form (PDF format)

Cambridge MPhil in Chemistry Preliminary Application Form (MSWord format)


MPhil & Doctoral Training Programmes

In addition to the direct routes into research study, the Chemistry Department is also engaged with a number of MPhil and PhD training programmes. Many of these offer full funding for eligible and successful applicants. MPhils in Micro & Nanotechnology Enterprise and Scientific Computing, as well as PhDs in Nano Science & Technology, Materials, Graphene and Sensor Technologies are offered. PhDs are also available with Cambridge Earth System Science programme. For applicants looking for biological based research opportunities, the Chemistry Department is involved with a number of interdisciplinary programmes including those funded by the BBSRC, the Cambridge Cancer Centre. > Find out more


Financial Support

The Chemistry Department is able to support a limited number of eligible graduates with tuition fees and maintenance costs that are associated with their research studies. The wider University also offers many additional funding opportunities for both domestic and international students. > Find out more 

43% of graduate students admitted [to the University] in 2014/15 received a scholarship or bursary from funds administered by the collegiate University, 41% of these students received a full award that covered both fees and living costs."  


International students

The Chemistry Department has a large international population of researchers. All prospective graduate applicants are advised to check current criteria set out by the University regarding English language requirements, international qualifications and visas before applying.