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Department of Chemistry


Modern materials chemistry is wide ranging topic and includes surfaces, interfaces, polymers, nanoparticles and nanoporous materials, self assembly, and biomaterials, with applications relevant to: oil recovery and separation, catalysis, photovoltaics, fuel cells and batteries, crystallization and pharmaceutical formulation, gas sorption, energy, functional materials, biocompatible materials, computer memory, and sensors.

Our common themes are:

Energy Production, Storage and Conversion

  • Synthesis and characterisation of rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells (Grey)
  • Synthesis and assembly of bioinspired photocatalytic nanomaterials (Reisner)
  • Metal Organic Frameworks for gas sorption and purification (Wood)
  • Electrochemistry - Charge transport at interfaces (Grey, Reisner, Sprik, Zhang)
  • Colloidal properties and interfaces (Clarke S, Frenkel)
  • Bio-material dynamics and interfaces (Zhang)

Surfaces, Crystals and Catalysis


  • Structure and chemistry of biological and bioinspired materials (Duer)
  • Metalloenzymes in technology (Reisner)
  • Nanoparticles and drug delivery (Scherman)
  • Bio-inspired photonic materials (Vignolini)
  • Biofilms in technology (Zhang)

Sensors and Transducers

Self-assembling Functional Materials