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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Our research

We are interested in artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels and develop novel photocatalytic systems by combining homogenous synthetic catalysts and enzymes with a light absorbing nanostructured semiconductor. A current focus lies on the sunlight-driven production of the high specific energy carrier hydrogen and the selective conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and formic acid. Our cross-disciplinary laboratory covers a wide range of disciplines, from Synthetic Molecular and Materials Chemistry to Biological Chemistry combined with Electro-, Photochemistry and Nanoscience.

More information can be found on our group website.

Keywords:  Solar fuels, artificial photosynthesis, Water and CO2 splitting, Small Molecule Activation, Catalysis, Metalloenzymes, Biomimetic Chemistry, Bio-inorganic Chemistry Synthetic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Photoelectrochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Functional and Energy Materials.

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Visible-Light Promoted C-O Bond Formation with an Integrated Carbon Nitride-Nickel Heterogeneous Photocatalyst
A Vijeta, C Casadevall, S Roy, E Reisner
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Mechanistic study of an immobilized molecular electrocatalyst by in situ gap-plasmon-assisted spectro-electrochemistry
D Wright, Q Lin, D Berta, T Földes, A Wagner, J Griffiths, C Readman, E Rosta, E Reisner, JJ Baumberg
– Nature Catalysis
Electrocatalytic and Solar-Driven Reduction of Aqueous CO2 with Molecular Cobalt Phthalocyanine–Metal Oxide Hybrid Materials
S Roy, M Miller, J Warnan, JJ Leung, CD Sahm, E Reisner
– ACS Catalysis
Roadmap towards solar fuel synthesis at the water interface of liposome membranes dagger
A Pannwitz, DM Klein, S Rodríguez-Jiménez, C Casadevall, H Song, E Reisner, L Hammarström, S Bonnet
– Chemical Society reviews
Charge accumulation kinetics in multi-redox molecular catalysts immobilised on TiO 2
C Bozal-Ginesta, CA Mesa, A Eisenschmidt, L Francàs, RB Shankar, D Antón-García, J Warnan, J Willkomm, A Reynal, E Reisner, JR Durrant
– Chemical Science
Bifunctional Perovskite‐BiVO4 Tandem Devices for Uninterrupted Solar and Electrocatalytic Water Splitting Cycles
C Pornrungroj, V Andrei, M Rahaman, C Uswachoke, HJ Joyce, DS Wright, E Reisner
– Advanced Functional Materials
Optofluidic Photonic Crystal Fiber Microreactors for In Situ Studies of Carbon Nanodot-Driven Photoreduction
P Koehler, T Lawson, J Neises, J Willkomm, BCM Martindale, GAM Hutton, D Antón-García, A Lage, AS Gentleman, MH Frosz, PSJ Russell, E Reisner, TG Euser
– Anal Chem
Solar-driven reforming of solid waste for a sustainable future
T Uekert, CM Pichler, T Schubert, E Reisner
– Nature Sustainability
Scalable Photocatalyst Panels for Photoreforming of Plastic, Biomass and Mixed Waste in Flow.
T Uekert, MA Bajada, T Schubert, CM Pichler, E Reisner
– ChemSusChem
Towards molecular understanding of local chemical environment effects in electro- and photocatalytic CO2 reduction
A Wagner, CD Sahm, E Reisner
– Nature Catalysis
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