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Department of Chemistry

The free energy landscape of the oncogene protein E7 of human papillomavirus type 16 reveals a complex interplay between ordered and disordered regions.
P Kukic, GM Lo Piccolo, MO Nogueira, DI Svergun, M Vendruscolo, IC Felli, R Pierattelli
– Scientific Reports
Trodusquemine enhances Aβ <inf>42</inf> aggregation but suppresses its toxicity by displacing oligomers from cell membranes
R Limbocker, S Chia, FS Ruggeri, M Perni, R Cascella, GT Heller, G Meisl, B Mannini, J Habchi, TCT Michaels, PK Challa, M Ahn, ST Casford, N Fernando, CK Xu, ND Kloss, SIA Cohen, JR Kumita, C Cecchi, M Zasloff, S Linse, TPJ Knowles, F Chiti, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson
– Nature communications
Soluble aggregates present in cerebrospinal fluid change in size and mechanism of toxicity during Alzheimer’s disease progression
S De, DR Whiten, FS Ruggeri, C Hughes, M Rodrigues, DI Sideris, CG Taylor, FA Aprile, S Muyldermans, TPJ Knowles, M Vendruscolo, C Bryant, K Blennow, I Skoog, S Kern, H Zetterberg, D Klenerman
– Acta Neuropathol Commun
Supersaturated proteins are enriched at synapses and underlie cell and tissue vulnerability in Alzheimer's disease
R Freer, P Sormanni, P Ciryam, B Rammner, SO Rizzoli, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo
– Heliyon
Machine learning for target discovery in drug development.
T Rodrigues, GJL Bernardes
– Current Opinion in Chemical Biology
Unexpected enzyme-catalysed [4+2] cycloaddition and rearrangement in polyether antibiotic biosynthesis
R Little, FCR Paiva, R Jenkins, H Hong, Y Sun, Y Demydchuk, M Samborskyy, M Tosin, FJ Leeper, MVB Dias, PF Leadlay
– Nature Catalysis
Million-fold sensitivity enhancement in proteopathic seed amplification assays for biospecimens by Hofmeister ion comparisons
MA Metrick, N do Carmo Ferreira, E Saijo, AG Hughson, A Kraus, C Orrú, MW Miller, G Zanusso, B Ghetti, M Vendruscolo, B Caughey
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Substrate Flexibility of the Flavin‐Dependent Dihydropyrrole Oxidases PigB and HapB Involved in Antibiotic Prodigiosin Biosynthesis
M Couturier, HD Bhalara, SR Chawrai, R Monson, NR Williamson, GPC Salmond, FJ Leeper
– ChemBioChem
Bacterial production and direct functional screening of expanded molecular libraries for discovering inhibitors of protein aggregation.
DC Delivoria, S Chia, J Habchi, M Perni, I Matis, N Papaevgeniou, M Reczko, N Chondrogianni, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo, G Skretas
– Sci Adv
Probing the dynamic stalk region of the ribosome using solution NMR.
X Wang, JP Kirkpatrick, HMM Launay, A de Simone, D Häussinger, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo, LD Cabrita, CA Waudby, J Christodoulou
– Scientific Reports
RNA Granules Hitchhike on Lysosomes for Long-Distance Transport, Using Annexin A11 as a Molecular Tether.
Y-C Liao, MS Fernandopulle, G Wang, H Choi, L Hao, CM Drerup, R Patel, S Qamar, J Nixon-Abell, Y Shen, W Meadows, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles, M Nelson, MA Czekalska, G Musteikyte, MA Gachechiladze, CA Stephens, HA Pasolli, LR Forrest, P St George-Hyslop, J Lippincott-Schwartz, ME Ward
– Cell
Targeting of fumarate hydratase from mycobacterium tuberculosis using allosteric inhibitors with a dimeric-binding mode
AJ Whitehouse, MDJ Libardo, M Kasbekar, PD Brear, G Fischer, CJ Thomas, CE Barry, HIM Boshoff, AG Coyne, C Abell
– Journal of medicinal chemistry
Characterizing Individual Protein Aggregates by Infrared Nanospectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy.
FS Ruggeri, T Šneideris, S Chia, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles
– Journal of Visualized Experiments
ARTN e60108
(DOI: 10.3791/60108)
Structural insights into Escherichia coli phosphopantothenoylcysteine synthetase by native ion mobility–mass spectrometry
DS-H Chan, J Hess, E Shaw, C Spry, R Starley, C Dagostin, MVB Dias, R Kale, V Mendes, TL Blundell, AG Coyne, C Abell
– Biochem J
Programmed chromosome fission and fusion enable precise large-scale genome rearrangement and assembly.
K Wang, D de la Torre, WE Robertson, JW Chin
– Science (New York, N.Y.)
Enhancement of the Anti-Aggregation Activity of a Molecular Chaperone Using a Rationally Designed Post-Translational Modification
PR Lindstedt, FA Aprile, MJ Matos, M Perni, JB Bertoldo, B Bernardim, Q Peter, G Jiménez-Osés, TPJ Knowles, CM Dobson, F Corzana, M Vendruscolo, GJL Bernardes
– ACS Central Science
Evaluation of linker length effects on a BET bromodomain probe.
R Traquete, E Henderson, S Picaud, PMSD Cal, F Sieglitz, T Rodrigues, R Oliveira, P Filippakopoulos, GJL Bernardes
– Chemical Communications
Motile Artificial Chromatophores: Light-Triggered Nanoparticles for Microdroplet Locomotion and Color Change
AR Salmon, S Cormier, W Wang, C Abell, JJ Baumberg
– Advanced Optical Materials
Ethynylbenziodoxolone Reactivity in Cysteine Bioconjugation
SR Adusumalli, GJL Bernardes
– Chem
Small molecule sequestration of amyloid-β as a drug discovery strategy for Alzheimer’s disease
G Heller, F Aprile, T Michaels, R Limbocker, M Perni, FS Ruggeri, B Mannini, T Löhr, M Bonomi, A De Simone, I Felli, R Pierattelli, T Knowles, C Dobson, M Vendruscolo