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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

The Hsc70 disaggregation machinery removes monomer units directly from α-synuclein fibril ends
MM Schneider, S Gautam, TW Herling, E Andrzejewska, G Krainer, AM Miller, VA Trinkaus, QAE Peter, FS Ruggeri, M Vendruscolo, A Bracher, CM Dobson, FU Hartl, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Communications
The cellular modifier MOAG-4/SERF drives amyloid formation through charge complementation
A Pras, B Houben, FA Aprile, R Seinstra, R Gallardo, L Janssen, W Hogewerf, C Gallrein, M De Vleeschouwer, A Mata-Cabana, M Koopman, E Stroo, M de Vries, S Louise Edwards, J Kirstein, M Vendruscolo, SF Falsone, F Rousseau, J Schymkowitz, EAA Nollen
– EMBO Journal
Accelerating reaction rates of biomolecules by using shear stress in artificial capillary systems
TA Hakala, EV Yates, PK Challa, Z Toprakcioglu, K Nadendla, D Matak-Vinkovic, CM Dobson, R Martínez, F Corzana, TPJ Knowles, GJL Bernardes
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
The signal peptide of the amyloid precursor protein forms amyloid-like aggregates and enhances Aβ42 aggregation
K Gadhave, T Bhardwaj, VN Uversky, M Vendruscolo, R Giri
– Cell Reports Physical Science
New Frontiers for Machine Learning in Protein Science
AS Morgunov, KL Saar, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles
– J Mol Biol
Dichloro Butenediamides as Irreversible Site‐Selective Protein Conjugation Reagent
V Laserna, D Abegg, CF Afonso, EM Martin, A Adibekian, P Ravn, F Corzana, GJL Bernardes
– Angewandte Chemie
Dichloro Butenediamides as Irreversible Site‐Selective Protein Conjugation Reagent
V Laserna, D Abegg, CF Afonso, EM Martin, A Adibekian, P Ravn, F Corzana, GJL Bernardes
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
A Platform for Site-Specific DNA-Antibody Bioconjugation by Using Benzoylacrylic-labelled Oligonucleotides.
J Konč, L Brown, DR Whiten, Y Zuo, P Ravn, D Klenerman, GJL Bernardes
– Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
A maximum caliber approach for continuum path ensembles
PG Bolhuis, ZF Brotzakis, M Vendruscolo
– The European Physical Journal B
Combating small-molecule aggregation with machine learning
K Lee, A Yang, Y-C Lin, D Reker, GJL Bernardes, T Rodrigues
– Cell Reports Physical Science
The binding of the small heat-shock protein alpha B-crystallin to fibrils of alpha-synuclein is driven by entropic forces
T Scheidt, JA Carozza, CC Kolbe, FA Aprile, O Tkachenko, MMJ Bellaiche, G Meisl, QAE Peter, TW Herling, S Ness, M Castellana-Cruz, JLP Benesch, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, P Arosio, TPJ Knowles
– Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Assessment of Therapeutic Antibody Developability by Combinations of In Vitro and In Silico Methods.
A-M Wolf Pérez, N Lorenzen, M Vendruscolo, P Sormanni
– Methods Mol Biol
The Amyloid-β Pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease
H Hampel, J Hardy, K Blennow, C Chen, G Perry, SH Kim, VL Villemagne, P Aisen, M Vendruscolo, T Iwatsubo, CL Masters, M Cho, L Lannfelt, JL Cummings, A Vergallo
– Molecular Psychiatry
A 68-codon genetic code to incorporate four distinct non-canonical amino acids enabled by automated orthogonal mRNA design.
DL Dunkelmann, SB Oehm, AT Beattie, JW Chin
– Nature Chemistry
Unraveling the Physicochemical Determinants of Protein Liquid-liquid Phase Separation by Nanoscale Infrared Vibrational Spectroscopy
FS Ruggeri, AM Miller, M Vendruscolo, TPJ Knowles
– Bio Protoc
METTL1-mediated m<sup>7</sup>G modification of Arg-TCT tRNA drives oncogenic transformation
EA Orellana, Q Liu, E Yankova, M Pirouz, E De Braekeleer, W Zhang, J Lim, D Aspris, E Sendinc, DA Garyfallos, M Gu, R Ali, A Gutierrez, S Mikutis, GJL Bernardes, ES Fischer, A Bradley, GS Vassiliou, FJ Slack, K Tzelepis, RI Gregory
– Mol Cell
Quantitative Measurement of the Affinity of Toxic and Nontoxic Misfolded Protein Oligomers for Lipid Bilayers and of its Modulation by Lipid Composition and Trodusquemine
S Errico, H Ramshini, C Capitini, C Canale, M Spaziano, D Barbut, M Calamai, M Zasloff, R Oropesa-Nuñez, M Vendruscolo, F Chiti
– ACS Chemical Neuroscience
Sequence determinants of the aggregation of proteins within condensates generated by liquid-liquid phase separation
M Vendruscolo, M Fuxreiter
– Journal of molecular biology
Interconversion of Unexpected Thiol States Affects the Stability, Structure, and Dynamics of Antibody Engineered for Site-Specific Conjugation.
CT Orozco, MJ Edgeworth, PWA Devine, AR Hines, O Cornwell, C Thompson, X Wang, JJ Phillips, P Ravn, SE Jackson, NJ Bond
– Bioconjug Chem
Precise optical control of gene expression in C elegans using improved genetic code expansion and Cre recombinase
L Davis, I Radman, A Goutou, A Tynan, K Baxter, Z Xi, JM O'Shea, JW Chin, S Greiss
– Elife