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Department of Chemistry

Determination of protein structural ensembles using cryo-electron microscopy
M Bonomi, M Vendruscolo
– Current Opinion in Structural Biology
In vitro and in silico assessment of the developability of a designed monoclonal antibody library.
A-M Wolf Pérez, P Sormanni, JS Andersen, LI Sakhnini, I Rodriguez-Leon, JR Bjelke, AJ Gajhede, L De Maria, DE Otzen, M Vendruscolo, N Lorenzen
– MAbs
Controlling orthogonal ribosome subunit interactions enables evolution of new function.
WH Schmied, Z Tnimov, C Uttamapinant, CD Rae, SD Fried, JW Chin
– Nature
Erratum to: The molecular chaperones DNAJB6 and Hsp70 cooperate to suppress α-synuclein aggregation (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (9039), 10.1038/s41598-017-08324-z)
FA Aprile, E Källstig, G Limorenko, M Vendruscolo, D Ron, C Hansen
– Sci Rep
Analysis of NRAS RNA G-quadruplex binding proteins reveals DDX3X as a novel interactor of cellular G-quadruplex containing transcripts
B Herdy, C Mayer, D Varshney, G Marsico, P Murat, C Taylor, C D'Santos, D Tannahill, S Balasubramanian
– Nucleic Acids Res
Quantifying Co-Oligomer Formation by Alpha-Synuclein
M Iljina, AJ Dear, GA Garcia, S De, L Tosatto, P Flagmeier, DR Whiten, TCT Michaels, D Frenkel, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles, D Klenerman
– ACS nano
Protein engineering through chemical, genetic and computational manipulation.
I Hamachi, GJL Bernardes
– Chem Soc Rev
Non-Native Cooperative Interactions Modulate Protein Folding Rates.
F Bruno da Silva, VG Contessoto, VM de Oliveira, J Clarke, VBP Leite
– The journal of physical chemistry. B
Determination of Structural Ensembles of Proteins: Restraining vs Reweighting.
R Rangan, M Bonomi, GT Heller, A Cesari, G Bussi, M Vendruscolo
– Journal of chemical theory and computation
The Folding Pathway of an Ig Domain is Conserved On and Off the Ribosome
P Tian, A Steward, R Kudva, T Su, PJ Shilling, AA Nickson, JJ Hollins, R Beckmann, G von Heijne, J Clarke, RB Best
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Mapping Surface Hydrophobicity of α-Synuclein Oligomers at the Nanoscale.
J-E Lee, JC Sang, M Rodrigues, AR Carr, MH Horrocks, S De, MN Bongiovanni, P Flagmeier, CM Dobson, DJ Wales, SF Lee, D Klenerman
– Nano Lett
Posttranslational Chemical Mutagenesis: To Reveal the Role of Noncatalytic Cysteine Residues in Pathogenic Bacterial Phosphatases.
JB Bertoldo, H Terenzi, S Hüttelmaier, GJL Bernardes
– Biochemistry
Investigating the Effect of Chain Connectivity on the Folding of a Beta-Sheet Protein On and Off the Ribosome.
AP Marsden, JJ Hollins, C O'Neill, P Ryzhov, S Higson, CATF Mendonça, TO Kwan, LG Kwa, A Steward, J Clarke
– J Mol Biol
Statistical Mechanics of Globular Oligomer Formation by Protein Molecules.
AJ Dear, A Šarić, TCT Michaels, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
– The journal of physical chemistry. B
Modular Pore-Forming Immunotoxins with Caged Cytotoxicity Tailored by Directed Evolution
NL Mutter, M Soskine, G Huang, IS Albuquerque, GJL Bernardes, G Maglia
– ACS Chem Biol
Correction to "Genetic Code Expansion Enables Live-Cell and Super-Resolution Imaging of Site-Specifically Labeled Cellular Proteins".
C Uttamapinant, JD Howe, K Lang, V Beránek, L Davis, M Mahesh, NP Barry, JW Chin
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Third generation antibody discovery methods: in silico rational design.
P Sormanni, FA Aprile, M Vendruscolo
– Chemical Society reviews
Radical-Mediated Thiol-Ene Strategy: Photoactivation of Thiol-Containing Drugs in Cancer Cells.
S Sun, BL Oliveira, G Jiménez-Osés, GJL Bernardes
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Nanoscopic characterization of individual endogenous protein aggregates in human neuronal cells
DR Whiten, Y Zuo, L Calo, M-L Choi, S De, P Flagmeier, DC Wirthensohn, F Kundel, RT Ranasinghe, SE Sanchez, D Athauda, SF Lee, CM Dobson, S Gandhi, M-G Spillantini, D Klenerman, MH Horrocks
– ChemBioChem
DNA G-quadruplex structures mold the DNA methylome
S-Q Mao, AT Ghanbarian, J Spiegel, S Martínez Cuesta, D Beraldi, M Di Antonio, G Marsico, R Hänsel-Hertsch, D Tannahill, S Balasubramanian
– Nature Structural and Molecular Biology