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Department of Chemistry


Alumnus launches AI Journal

Ed Pyzer-Knapp working at his desk, courtesy EPK

As IBM Research Global Lead for AI Enriched Modelling and Simulation, and a visiting Professor at Liverpool, alumnus Ed Pyzer-Knapp was already a busy man. Instead of cutting back, he has now launched a new journal highlighting AI research.

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Daan Frenkel recognised for condensed matter physics contributions

Professor Daan Frenkel, courtesy Department of Chemistry photography

Professor Daan Frenkel has been awarded the European Physical Liquid Matter Prize, considered one of Europe’s most prestigious prizes in the field of the (chemical) physics of liquids.

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Alumnus makes a difference with anti-Covid drug

Alumnus Richard Mackman in his office at Gilead Sciences

As a third-year undergrad here, Richard Mackman gradually realised what he wanted to do: “I wanted to create something as a chemist that would make a difference,” he says.  And with the development of the anti-Covid drug remdesivir, he has.

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Researchers show why blues and greens are the brightest in nature

Image of blue Macaw courtesy Will Zhang, Pixabay

Researchers here have shown why structural colour in nature produces blue and green hues which appear much brighter than red, yellow or orange.

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