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Department of Chemistry


Cause of hardening of the arteries - and potential treatment - identified

Image: Department of Chemistry Photography

Research co-led by this department has identified the mechanism behind the hardening of the arteries - and shown in animal studies that an antibiotic widely prescribed for acne could be an effective treatment.

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Cellulose - so much more than paper

Image: the bright colour of pollia condensata berries stems from helicoidal cellulose structures in the cell walls

Researchers here studying the way Nature manages and manipulates light argue in the journal Nature Photonics that cellulose is an ideal candidate for the development of more renewable and biodegradable photonic materials.

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Congratulating our colleague on a synthetic biology breakthrough

Image showing Syn61 replicating and dividing: courtesy of Jason Chin

Congratulations to our colleague Professor Jason Chin and his team who, in creating an artificial version of E. coli with synthetic DNA, have paved the way for designer bacteria that could manufacture new materials, drugs and proteins. 

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Tackling 'the world's most significant problems'

Image: courtesy Schmidt Science Fellows

A young researcher studying protein-misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases has been elected to the 2019 Schmidt Science Fellows programme. This aims to develop future science leaders who can address the world's most significant problems.

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