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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry

The Interplay of Solvation and Polarization Effects on Ion Pairing in Nanoconfined Electrolytes
KD Fong, B Sumić, N O'Neill, C Schran, CP Grey, A Michaelides
– Nano Letters
Multilevel Framework for Analysis of Protein Folding Involving Disulfide Bond Formation.
PA Wesołowski, DJ Wales, P Pracht
– Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Folded Spectrum VQE: A Quantum Computing Method for the Calculation of Molecular Excited States
L Cadi Tazi, AJW Thom
– J Chem Theory Comput
Translational eigenstates of He@C60 from four-dimensional ab initio potential energy surfaces interpolated using Gaussian process regression.
K Panchagnula, D Graf, FEA Albertani, AJW Thom
– J Chem Phys
Partial and complete wetting of droplets of active Brownian particles.
F Turci, RL Jack, NB Wilding
– Soft Matter
Unraveling metastable Markovian open quantum systems
CA Brown, K Macieszczak, RL Jack
– Physical Review A
Rapidly convergent coupled-cluster Monte Carlo using a Chebyshev projector
Z Zhao, M-A Filip, AJW Thom
Competition between lanes and transient jammed clusters in driven binary mixtures
H Yu, RL Jack
– Phys Rev E
Self-replication of Aβ42 aggregates occurs on small and isolated fibril sites.
S Curk, J Krausser, G Meisl, D Frenkel, S Linse, TCT Michaels, TPJ Knowles, A Šarić
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
PKSmart: An Open-Source Computational Model to Predict in vivo Pharmacokinetics of Small Molecules
S Seal, M-A Trapotsi, V Subramanian, O Spjuth, N Greene, A Bender
Ice interfaces: general discussion
XR Advincula, EHG Backus, T Bartels-Rausch, S Benaglia, G Ben Ari, KE Blow, M Bonn, AT Bui, SJ Cox, F Della Pia, U Diebold, AR Finney, G Franceschi, L Fumagalli, G Goel, JA Hayton, C Holdship, Y Jiang, D Jin, V Kapil, N Kavokine, K Koga, D Laage, M Lahav, S Miao, A Michaelides, N Mohandas, K Morgenstern, T Mukherjee, Y Nagata, M Olvera de la Cruz, D Pan, PM Piaggi, SLB Rempe, P Ryan, CG Salzmann, T Sayer, RJ Saykally, M Shepelenko, GC Sosso, TF Whale, JJ White, AP Willard, P Zhang
– Faraday discussions
Electrified/charged aqueous interfaces: general discussion.
XR Advincula, EHG Backus, M Bonn, SJ Cox, U Diebold, A Fellows, AR Finney, G Goel, J Hedley, Y Jiang, D Jin, V Kapil, N Kavokine, J Klein, D Laage, N Mohandas, K Morgenstern, T Mukherjee, M Olvera de la Cruz, H Orlikowska-Rzeznik, S Perkin, PM Piaggi, CG Rodellar, P Ryan, T Sayer, M Seyffertitz, M Shepelenko, GC Sosso, M Thämer, A Vilangottunjalil, R Walker-Gibbons, Y Wang, AP Willard, P Zhang
– Faraday discussions
Dynamics and nano-rheology of interfacial water: General discussion
XR Advincula, KE Blow, M Bonn, AT Bui, Y Cheng, SJ Cox, F Della Pia, U Diebold, L Fumagalli, G Goel, JA Hayton, Y Jiang, V Kapil, N Kavokine, K Koga, D Laage, M Lahav, S Miao, A Michaelides, P Montero de Hijes, K Morgenstern, T Mukherjee, N O'Neill, D Pan, PM Piaggi, SLB Rempe, M Salvalaglio, CG Salzmann, T Sayer, M Shepelenko, GC Sosso, S Wang, B Webber, AP Willard, Y Yao
– Faraday discussions
The limit of macroscopic homogeneous ice nucleation at the nanoscale
JA Hayton, MB Davies, TF Whale, A Michaelides, SJ Cox
– Faraday Discussions
A classical density functional theory for solvation across length scales
AT Bui, SJ Cox
Insights into Drug Cardiotoxicity from Biological and Chemical Data: The First Public Classifiers for FDA DICTrank
S Seal, O Spjuth, L Hosseini-Gerami, M García-Ortegón, S Singh, A Bender, AE Carpenter
– J Chem Inf Model
How do cicadas emerge together? Thermophysical aspects of their collective decision-making
RE Goldstein, RL Jack, AI Pesci
– Physical review. E
Ten-electron count rule for the binding of adsorbates on single-atom alloy catalysts
J Schumann, M Stamatakis, A Michaelides, R Réocreux
– Nature Chemistry
Unusual Facet-Dependent Sintering in Pd–TiO2 Catalysts Revealed by Theory and Experiment
S Li, Y Xia, Y Ou, Z Wu, Z Jin, L Wang, X Meng, ZK Han, W Yuan, Y Jiang, DJ Wales, H Yang, Y Wang
– ACS Catalysis
Analysis and interpretation of first passage time distributions featuring rare events.
EJ Woods, DJ Wales
– Phys Chem Chem Phys