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Tailoring the redox enzyme-material interface for enhanced electro- and photocatalytic fuel synthesis
V Badiani
Determining the oxidation states of dissolved transition metals in battery electrolytes from solution NMR spectra.
JP Allen, CP Grey
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Chem-map profiles drug binding to chromatin in cells.
Z Yu, J Spiegel, L Melidis, WWI Hui, X Zhang, A Radzevičius, S Balasubramanian
– Nature Biotechnology
Soluble Diphenylhexatriene Dimers for Intramolecular Singlet Fission with High Triplet Energy.
O Millington, S Montanaro, A Leventis, A Sharma, SA Dowland, N Sawhney, KJ Fallon, W Zeng, DG Congrave, AJ Musser, A Rao, H Bronstein
– J Am Chem Soc
Hybrid photocathode based on a Ni molecular catalyst and Sb 2 Se 3 for solar H 2 production
DA Garcia-Osorio, TP Shalvey, L Banerji, K Saeed, G Neri, LJ Phillips, OS Hutter, C Casadevall, D Antón-García, E Reisner, JD Major, AJ Cowan
– Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
Bioprinting microporous functional living materials from protein-based core-shell microgels.
Y Ou, S Cao, Y Zhang, H Zhu, C Guo, W Yan, F Xin, W Dong, Y Zhang, M Narita, Z Yu, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Communications
Peroxide-cleavable linkers for antibody–drug conjugates †
N Ashman, JD Bargh, SJ Walsh, RD Greenwood, A Tiberghien, JS Carroll, DR Spring
– Chemical Communications
In‐situ detection of cobaloxime intermediates during photocatalysis using hollow‐core photonic crystal fiber microreactors
T Lawson, AS Gentleman, J Pinnell, A Eisenschmidt, D Antón‐García, MH Frosz, E Reisner, TG Euser
– Angewandte Chemie
Front Cover: Hybrid Androgen Receptor Inhibitors Outperform Enzalutamide and EPI‐001 in in vitro Models of Prostate Cancer Drug Resistance (ChemMedChem 2/2023)
RCB Nicolescu, ZR Maylin, FJ Pérez‐Areales, J Iegre, HS Pandha, M Asim, DR Spring
– ChemMedChem
Enhanced surface nano-analytics of transient biomolecular processes
A Miller, S Chia, Z Toprakcioglu, T Hakala, R Schmid, Y Feng, T Kartanas, A Kamada, M Vendruscolo, FS Ruggeri, TPJ Knowles
– Science advances
Adsorption of RNA to interfaces of biomolecular condensates enables wetting transitions
NA Erkamp, M Farag, D Qian, T Sneideris, TJ Welsh, H Ausserwöger, DA Weitz, RV Pappu, TPJ Knowles
A Selective SARS-CoV-2 Host-Directed Antiviral Targeting Stress Response to Reactive Oxygen Species
C Tang, AR Coelho, M Rebelo, H Kiely-Collins, T Carvalho, GJL Bernardes
– ACS Central Science
Facile Functionalization of Carbon Electrodes for Efficient Electroenzymatic Hydrogen Production
Y Liu, S Webb, P Moreno-García, A Kulkarni, P Maroni, P Broekmann, RD Milton
Multicomponent synthesis of α-chloro alkylboronic esters via visible-light-mediated dual catalysis
B Li, A Bunescu, MJ Gaunt
– Chem
Probing the Nature of Zinc in Copper‐Zinc‐Zirconium Catalysts by Operando Spectroscopies for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol
M Yang, J Yu, A Zimina, BB Sarma, L Pandit, J Grunwaldt, L Zhang, H Xu, J Sun
– Angewandte Chemie
Classical Quantum Friction at Water–Carbon Interfaces
AT Bui, FL Thiemann, A Michaelides, SJ Cox
– Nano letters
Using Chemical and Biological Data to Predict Drug Toxicity
A Liu, S Seal, H Yang, A Bender
– SLAS Discov
Photoelectrochemical CO2-to-fuel conversion with simultaneous plastic reforming
S Bhattacharjee, M Rahaman, V Andrei, M Miller, S Rodríguez-Jiménez, E Lam, C Pornrungroj, E Reisner
– Nature Synthesis
Macroscopic Behaviour in a Two-Species Exclusion Process Via the Method of Matched Asymptotics
J Mason, RL Jack, M Bruna
– Journal of Statistical Physics
Studies on the Transcorrelated Method
N Lee, AJW Thom