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Microwave-assisted valorization of glycerol to solketal using biomass-derived heterogeneous catalyst
S Ao, LA Alghamdi, T Kress, M Selvaraj, G Halder, AEH Wheatley, S Lalthazuala Rokhum
– Fuel: the science and technology of fuel and energy
Tailoring the redox enzyme-material interface for enhanced electro- and photocatalytic fuel synthesis
V Badiani
Single-source formation and assessment of nitrogen-doped graphitic spheres for lithium- and sodium-ion batteries
C Clark, CA O'Keefe, DS Wright, CP Grey
– RSC Advances
A Novel Study on the Role of Pressure on Surface Adsorption from Solution
N Sharifi, T Liu, SM Clarke
– The journal of physical chemistry. B
On the possible locus of the liquid-liquid critical point in real water from studies of supercooled water using the TIP4P/Ice model.
JR Espinosa, JLF Abascal, LF Sedano, E Sanz, C Vega
– The Journal of Chemical Physics
Bioinspired Photonic Materials from Cellulose: Fabrication, Optical Analysis, and Applications
RM Parker, TG Parton, CLC Chan, MM Bay, B Frka-Petesic, S Vignolini
– Accounts of Materials Research
Large Simulated Future Changes in the Nitrate Radical Under the CMIP6 SSP Scenarios: Implications for Oxidation Chemistry
S Archer-Nicholls, R Allen, NL Abraham, PT Griffiths, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Supercomputing modelling of advanced materials: preface
CRA Catlow, NH De Leeuw, A Michaelides, SM Woodley
– Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
Explaining Blood–Brain Barrier Permeability of Small Molecules by Integrated Analysis of Different Transport Mechanisms
FMG Cornelissen, G Markert, G Deutsch, M Antonara, N Faaij, I Bartelink, D Noske, WP Vandertop, A Bender, BA Westerman
– Journal of medicinal chemistry
Anion redox as a means to derive layered manganese oxychalcogenides with exotic intergrowth structures
S Sasaki, S Giri, SJ Cassidy, S Dey, M Batuk, D Vandemeulebroucke, G Cibin, RI Smith, P Holdship, CP Grey, J Hadermann, SJ Clarke
– Nat Commun
Analysing ill-conditioned Markov chains.
EJ Woods, D Kannan, DJ Sharpe, TD Swinburne, DJ Wales
– Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
An NMR Methodology for Measuring Dissolved O2 and Transport in Li-air Batteries
C Grey, E Wang, E Jonsson
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
NMR Methodology for Measuring Dissolved O2 and Transport in Lithium–Air Batteries
E Wang, E Jónsson, CP Grey
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Synthesis of sp 3 -rich Heterocyclic Frameworks by a Divergent Synthesis Strategy
KT Mortensen, DSY Wong, TA King, HF Sore, DR Spring
– Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
Energy landscapes and heat capacity signatures for monomers and dimers of amyloid forming hexapeptides
Nicy, D Wales
Solar-driven liquid multi-carbon fuel production using a standalone perovskite–BiVO4 artificial leaf
M Rahaman, V Andrei, D Wright, E Lam, C Pornrungroj, S Bhattacharjee, C Pichler, H Greer, J Baumberg, E Reisner
– Nature Energy
Manipulating morphology and composition in colloidal heterometallic nanopods and nanodendrites
S Ming, AEH Wheatley
– Nanoscale
Considerably Increased Dynamics of CO-Water Complexes over CO and Water Alone.
C Bertram, C Zaum, W Fang, A Michaelides, K Morgenstern
– Nano letters
An in situ liquid environment for synchrotron hard X-ray nanoprobe microscopy
GT van de Kerkhof, JM Walker, S Agrawal, SM Clarke, MH Sk, DJ Craske, R Lindsay, M Dowhyj, A Osundare, ME Schuster, JE Parker
– Materials at High Temperatures
Towards sequence-based principles for protein phase separation predictions.
M Vendruscolo, M Fuxreiter
– Current opinion in chemical biology