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Automated multistep synthesis of 2-pyrazolines in continuous flow
R Labes, JC Pastre, RJ Ingham, C Battilocchio, HM Marçon, MCFCB Damião, DN Tran, SV Ley
– Reaction Chemistry & Engineering
Synergistic solar-powered water-electricity generation: An integrated floating system on water
M Liu, Y Sun, K Shao, N Li, J Li, P Murto, Z Wang, J Chen, X Xu
– Nano Energy
Understanding improved capacity retention at 4.3 V in modified single crystal Ni-rich NMC//graphite pouch cells at elevated temperature
GJ Páez Fajardo, M Belekoukia, S Bolloju, E Fiamegkou, AS Menon, Z Ruff, Z Shen, N Shah, E Björklund, MJ Zuba, T-L Lee, PK Thakur, RS Weatherup, A Aguadero, MJ Loveridge, CP Grey, LFJ Piper
– RSC Applied Interfaces
Enhancing electricity generation during water evaporation through a symmetric double Schottky-junction design
M Jiang, W Zhang, S An, Q Shen, B Fu, C Song, P Tao, J Wang, W Shang, T Deng
– Nano Energy
Instantons and the quantum bound to chaos
VG Sadhasivam, L Meuser, DR Reichman, SC Althorpe
– Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Unlocking a Dual‐Channel Pathway in CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol over Single‐Site Zirconium on Amorphous Silica
M Yang, J Yu, A Zimina, BB Sarma, J Grunwaldt, H Zada, L Wang, J Sun
– Angewandte Chemie
Ligand profiling to characterise different polymorphic forms of α-synuclein aggregates.
TS Chisholm, CA Hunter
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Associative pyridinium electrolytes for air-tolerant redox flow batteries.
ME Carrington, K Sokołowski, E Jónsson, EW Zhao, AM Graf, I Temprano, JA McCune, CP Grey, OA Scherman
– Nature
Thiamine analogues featuring amino-oxetanes as potent and selective inhibitors of pyruvate dehydrogenase
AHY Chan, TCS Ho, FJ Leeper
– Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Solvation rules: aromatic interactions outcompete cation–π interactions in synthetic host–guest complexes in water
G Tobajas-Curiel, Q Sun, JKM Sanders, P Ballester, CA Hunter
– Chem Commun (Camb)
Sequence-based drug design using transformers
S Zhang, D Huo, RI Horne, Y Qi, SP Ojeda, A Yan, M Vendruscolo
Structural Color from Cellulose Nanocrystals or Chitin Nanocrystals: Self-Assembly, Optics, and Applications
B Frka-Petesic, TG Parton, C Honorato-Rios, A Narkevicius, K Ballu, Q Shen, Z Lu, Y Ogawa, J Haataja, B Droguet, RM Parker, S Vignolini
– Chemical Reviews
A Marcus-Type Inverted Region in the Translocation Kinetics of a Knotted Protein.
P Tripathi, B Mehrafrooz, A Aksimentiev, SE Jackson, M Gruebele, M Wanunu
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Polyglucosan body density in the aged mouse hippocampus is controlled by a novel modifier locus on chromosome 1
A Gómez-Pascual, DM Glikman, HX Ng, JE Tomkins, L Lu, Y Xu, DG Ashbrook, C Kaczorowski, G Kempermann, J Killmar, K Mozhui, R Aebersold, EG Williams, RW Williams, RW Overall, M Jucker, DEM de Bakker
CryoENsemble - a Bayesian approach for reweighting biomolecular structural ensembles using heterogeneous cryo-EM maps
T Włodarski, J Streit, A Mitropoulou, L Cabrita, M Vendruscolo, J Christodoulou
On the difficulty of validating molecular generative models realistically: a case study on public and proprietary data
K Handa, MC Thomas, M Kageyama, T Iijima, A Bender
– J Cheminform
Structural Heterogeneity and Its Influence on Nonlinear Deformation and the Fracture of Ultrasoft Hydrogels
Y Wei, D Zhao, C Creton, T Narita
– Macromolecules
Optimised Baranyai partitioning of the second quantised Hamiltonian
B Csakany, AJW Thom
Kinetic Trapping of Photoluminescent Frameworks During High-Concentration Synthesis of Nonemissive Metal–Organic Frameworks
A Halder, DC Bain, TA Pitt, Z Shi, J Oktawiec, J-H Lee, S Tsangari, M Ng, JJ Fuentes-Rivera, AC Forse, T Runčevski, DA Muller, AJ Musser, PJ Milner
– Chemistry of Materials
Assessment of the temporal and seasonal variabilities in air pollution and implications for physical activity in Lagos and Yaoundé
OAM Popoola, R Alani, F Assah, T Lawanson, AK Tchouaffi, C Mapa-Tassou, N Blanche, D Odekunle, R Unuigboje, VA Onifade, T Ogunro, M Thondoo, RL Jones, T Oni
– Atmosphere