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Real-time bioprocess monitoring using a mid-infrared fibre-optic sensor
F Alimagham, J Winterburn, B Dolman, PM Domingues, F Everest, M Platkov, S Basov, G Izakson, A Katzir, SR Elliott, T Hutter
– Biochemical Engineering Journal
The growth and shrinkage of water droplets at the oil-solid interface
R Zhang, W Liao, Y Wang, Y Wang, D Ian Wilson, SM Clarke, Z Yang
– Journal of colloid and interface science
Structural, computational and antimicrobial studies of 2–[(E)–[2–(2,4,6-trimethylbenzenesulfonyl)-hydrazinylidene] methyl] benzoic acid and its Cu(II), Zn(II) and Co(II) complexes
MO Nwokelo, DC Izuogu, OC Okpareke, CU Ibeji, EE Oyeka, JR Lane, JN Asegbeloyin
– Journal of Molecular Structure
Macrocyclic Encapsulated Conjugated Polymers
J Royakkers, H Bronstein
– Macromolecules
Facile Installation of Post-translational Modifications on the Tau Protein via Chemical Mutagenesis.
PR Lindstedt, RJ Taylor, GJL Bernardes, M Vendruscolo
– ACS chemical neuroscience
Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amines as emerging scaffold in supramolecular chemistry
C Bravin, E Badetti, G Licini, C Zonta
– Coordination Chemistry Reviews
A kinetic ensemble of the Alzheimer’s Aβ peptide
T Löhr, K Kohlhoff, GT Heller, C Camilloni, M Vendruscolo
– Nature Computational Science
Visible-Light-Mediated Carbonyl Alkylative Amination to All-Alkyl α‑Tertiary Amino Acid Derivatives
J Blackwell, M Gaunt, R Kumar
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Visible-Light-Mediated Carbonyl Alkylative Amination to All-Alkyl α-Tertiary Amino Acid Derivatives
JH Blackwell, R Kumar, MJ Gaunt
– J Am Chem Soc
Inhibiting Mycobacterium tuberculosis CoaBC by targeting an allosteric site.
V Mendes, SR Green, JC Evans, J Hess, M Blaszczyk, C Spry, O Bryant, J Cory-Wright, DS-H Chan, PHM Torres, Z Wang, N Nahiyaan, S O'Neill, S Damerow, J Post, T Bayliss, SL Lynch, AG Coyne, PC Ray, C Abell, KY Rhee, HIM Boshoff, CE Barry, V Mizrahi, PG Wyatt, TL Blundell
– Nature communications
Glucose Binding Drives Reconfiguration of a Dynamic Library of Urea‐Containing Metal–Organic Assemblies
D Yang, LKS Krbek, L Yu, TK Ronson, JD Thoburn, JP Carpenter, JL Greenfield, DJ Howe, B Wu, JR Nitschke
– Angewandte Chemie
Key Role of NO3 Radicals in the Production of Isoprene Nitrates and Nitrooxyorganosulfates in Beijing.
JF Hamilton, DJ Bryant, PM Edwards, B Ouyang, TJ Bannan, A Mehra, AW Mayhew, JR Hopkins, RE Dunmore, FA Squires, JD Lee, MJ Newland, SD Worrall, A Bacak, H Coe, C Percival, LK Whalley, DE Heard, EJ Slater, RL Jones, T Cui, JD Surratt, CE Reeves, GP Mills, S Grimmond, Y Sun, W Xu, Z Shi, AR Rickard
– Environmental science & technology
Correction to ‘Complex photonic response reveals three-dimensional self-organization of structural coloured bacterial colonies’
L Schertel, GT van de Kerkhof, G Jacucci, L Catón, Y Ogawa, BD Wilts, CJ Ingham, S Vignolini, VE Johansen
– Journal of The Royal Society Interface
Origins of structural and electronic transitions in disordered silicon
VL Deringer, N Bernstein, G Csányi, C Ben Mahmoud, M Ceriotti, M Wilson, DA Drabold, SR Elliott
– Nature
Halogen Bonding in Bicomponent Monolayers: Self-Assembly of a Homologous Series of Iodinated Perfluoroalkanes with Bipyridine.
JA Davidson, M Sacchi, F Gorrec, SM Clarke, SJ Jenkins
– Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids
Soft Polydimethylsiloxane-Supported Lipid Bilayers for Studying T Cell Interactions.
AH Lippert, IB Dimov, AK Winkel, J Humphrey, J McColl, KY Chen, AM Santos, E Jenkins, K Franze, SJ Davis, D Klenerman
– Biophysical journal
The Coordination Chemistry of the N-Donor Substituted Phosphazanes
AJ Plajer, AD Bond, DS Wright
– Chemistry - A European Journal
A dopamine metabolite stabilizes neurotoxic amyloid-β oligomers
R Cataldi, S Chia, K Pisani, FS Ruggeri, CK Xu, T Šneideris, M Perni, S Sarwat, P Joshi, JR Kumita, S Linse, J Habchi, TPJ Knowles, B Mannini, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo
– Communications biology
Identifying Efficient Transport Pathways in Early-Wood Timber: Insights from 3D X-ray CT Imaging of Softwood in the Presence of Flow
HC Burridge, R Pini, SMK Shah, TPS Reynolds, G Wu, DU Shah, OA Scherman, MH Ramage, PF Linden
– Transport in Porous Media
Observation of an α-1synuclein liquid droplet state and its maturation into Lewy body-like assemblies
MC Hardenberg, T Sinnige, S Casford, S Dada, C Poudel, EA Robinson, M Fuxreiter, C Kaminksi, GS Kaminski-Schierle, EAA Nollen, CM Dobson, M Vendruscolo
– Journal of molecular cell biology