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Author Correction: The molecular chaperones DNAJB6 and Hsp70 cooperate to suppress α-synuclein aggregation.
FA Aprile, E Källstig, G Limorenko, M Vendruscolo, D Ron, C Hansen
– Scientific Reports
Impedance-based sensor for potassium ions
C Day, S Søpstad, H Ma, C Jiang, A Nathan, SR Elliott, FE Karet Frankl, T Hutter
– Analytica chimica acta
Conjugated hybrid films based on a new polyoxotitanate monomer.
G Liu, X Yang, A Bonnefont, Y Lv, J Chen, W Dan, Z Chen, L Ruhlmann, DS Wright, C Zhang
– Chem Commun (Camb)
Analysis of NRAS RNA G-quadruplex binding proteins reveals DDX3X as a novel interactor of cellular G-quadruplex containing transcripts
B Herdy, C Mayer, D Varshney, G Marsico, P Murat, C Taylor, C D'Santos, D Tannahill, S Balasubramanian
– Nucleic Acids Research
Orthogonal Stimuli Trigger Self-Assembly and Phase Transfer of FeII4L4 Cages and Cargoes.
AJ McConnell, CJE Haynes, AB Grommet, CM Aitchison, J Guilleme, S Mikutis, JR Nitschke
– J Am Chem Soc
Adaptation of proteins to the cold in Antarctic fish: A role for Methionine?
C Berthelot, J Clarke, T Desvignes, HW Detrich, P Flicek, LS Peck, M Peters, JH Postlethwait, MS Clark
– Genome biology and evolution
Mechanobiology of Protein Droplets: Force Arises from Disorder.
TJ Welsh, Y Shen, A Levin, TPJ Knowles
– Cell
Large scale parallelization in stochastic coupled cluster.
JS Spencer, VA Neufeld, WA Vigor, RST Franklin, AJW Thom
– The Journal of chemical physics
Direct oxidation of Csp3-H bonds using in-situ generated trifluoromethylated dioxirane in flow.
M Lesieur, C Battilocchio, R Labes, J Jacq, C Genicot, SV Ley, P Pasau
– Chemistry
Translational switching of Cry1 protein expression confers reversible control of circadian behavior in arrhythmic Cry-deficient mice.
ES Maywood, TS Elliott, AP Patton, TP Krogager, JE Chesham, RJ Ernst, V Beránek, M Brancaccio, JW Chin, MH Hastings
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Cloud impacts on photochemistry: building a climatology of photolysis rates from the Atmospheric Tomography mission
SR Hall, K Ullmann, MJ Prather, CM Flynn, LT Murray, AM Fiore, G Correa, SA Strode, SD Steenrod, J-F Lamarque, J Guth, B Josse, J Flemming, V Huijnen, NL Abraham, AT Archibald
Quantifying Co-Oligomer Formation by α-Synuclein.
M Iljina, AJ Dear, GA Garcia, S De, L Tosatto, P Flagmeier, DR Whiten, TCT Michaels, D Frenkel, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles, D Klenerman
– ACS nano
Photoreduction of CO2 with a formate dehydrogenase driven by photosystem II using a semi-artificial Z-scheme architecture
KP Sokol, WE Robinson, AR Oliveira, J Warnan, MM Nowaczyk, A Ruff, IAC Pereira, E Reisner
– J Am Chem Soc
Empirical estimation of permutation-based metabolome-wide significance thresholds
A Peluso, T Ebbels, R Glen
Folding pathway of an Ig domain is conserved on and off the ribosome
P Tian, A Steward, R Kudva, T Su, PJ Shilling, AA Nickson, JJ Hollins, R Beckmann, G von Heijne, J Clarke, RB Best
– Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Protein engineering through chemical, genetic and computational manipulation.
I Hamachi, GJL Bernardes
– Chemical Society reviews
Radical-mediated thiol-ene strategy for photoactivation of thiol-containing drugs in cancer cells
S Sun, BL Oliveira, G Jiménez-Osés, GJL Bernardes
– Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Non-native cooperative interactions modulate protein folding rates
F Bruno da Silva, VG Contessoto, VM de Oliveira, J Clarke, VBP Leite
– The journal of physical chemistry. B
The Role of Ionic Liquid Breakdown in the Electrochemical Metallization of VO2: An NMR Study of Gating Mechanisms and VO2 Reduction.
MA Hope, KJ Griffith, B Cui, F Gao, SE Dutton, SSP Parkin, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Supramolecular protein-mediated assembly of brain extracellular matrix glycans
A Tabet, K Sokolowski, J Shilts, M Kamp, N Warner, D Hoogland, O Scherman