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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Professor of Energy and Sustainability

Our research

The Reisner laboratory develops new concepts and technologies for the conversion of solar energy and renewable electricity into sustainable fuels and chemicals for a circular economy. Thus, we explore chemical aspects of energy and sustainability, in particular photo- and electrocatalysis and the interface of synthetic chemistry, materials and nano-science, chemical biology and engineering. Central themes of our cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach are the development of processes for the upcycling of plastic and biomass waste as well as the use of carbon dioxide and water to produce green fuels and chemicals for a sustainable future.

More information can be found on our group website.

Keywords:  Solar fuels, solar chemicals, artificial photosynthesis, biohybrid materials, water and CO2 splitting, small molecule activation, catalysis, metalloenzymes, microbiology, biomimetic chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, materials Chemistry, nanotechnology, functional and energy materials.

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Fast CO2 hydration kinetics impair heterogeneous but improve enzymatic CO2 reduction catalysis
SJ Cobb, VM Badiani, AM Dharani, A Wagner, S Zacarias, AR Oliveira, IAC Pereira, E Reisner
– Nature chemistry
Elucidating Film Loss and the Role of Hydrogen Bonding of Adsorbed Redox Enzymes by Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance Analysis.
VM Badiani, SJ Cobb, A Wagner, AR Oliveira, S Zacarias, IAC Pereira, E Reisner
– ACS Catal
Understanding the Local Chemical Environment of Bioelectrocatalysis
E Edwardes Moore, S Cobb, AM Coito, AR Oliveira, I Pereira, E Reisner
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA
ARTN e2114097119
Understanding the local chemical environment of bioelectrocatalysis.
E Edwardes Moore, SJ Cobb, AM Coito, AR Oliveira, IAC Pereira, E Reisner
– Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Photoelectrochemical hybrid cell for unbiased CO2 reduction coupled to alcohol oxidation
D Antón-García, E Edwardes Moore, MA Bajada, A Eisenschmidt, AR Oliveira, IAC Pereira, J Warnan, E Reisner
– Nature Synthesis
Tuning the local chemical environment of ZnSe quantum dots with dithiols towards photocatalytic CO 2 reduction
CD Sahm, A Ciotti, E Mates-Torres, V Badiani, K Sokołowski, G Neri, AJ Cowan, M García-Melchor, E Reisner
– Chemical Science
Strategies to improve light utilization in solar fuel synthesis
Q Wang, C Pornrungroj, S Linley, E Reisner
– Nature Energy
Shorter Alkyl Chains Enhance Molecular Diffusion and Electron Transfer Kinetics between Photosensitisers and Catalysts in CO2-Reducing Photocatalytic Liposomes
DM Klein, S Rodríguez-Jiménez, ME Hoefnagel, A Pannwitz, A Prabhakaran, MA Siegler, TE Keyes, E Reisner, AM Brouwer, S Bonnet
– Chemistry
Reforming of Soluble Biomass and Plastic Derived Waste Using a Bias-Free Cu30Pd70
S Bhattacharjee, V Andrei, C Pornrungroj, M Rahaman, CM Pichler, E Reisner
– Advanced Functional Materials
Photocatalytic C−H Azolation of Arenes Using Heterogeneous Carbon Nitride in Batch and Flow
Z Wen, T Wan, A Vijeta, C Casadevall, L Buglioni, E Reisner, T Noël
– ChemSusChem
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