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Chemical Crystallography

Crystallographic methods provide detailed atomic-level descriptions of crystalline solids, including molecular structure and geometrical information on intermolecular interactions.

Single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction are core analytical techniques within the chemical sciences, which support and augment a broad range of research within the Department. Modern diffraction instruments, applied at both laboratory and synchrotron sources, enable complex chemical problems to be tackled using crystallographic methods: for example, characterizing and understanding the consequences of disorder in molecular crystals or monitoring chemical changes in single crystals or crystalline powders.


Doubly Encapsulated Perylene Diimides: Effect of Molecular Encapsulation on Photophysical Properties.
J Royakkers, A Minotto, DG Congrave, W Zeng, A Patel, AD Bond, D-K Bučar, F Cacialli, H Bronstein
– The Journal of organic chemistry
Studying mechanical properties and phase transitions of aspirin polymorphs with terahertz spectroscopy and ab initio simulations
Q Li, AD Bond, JA Zeitler
– 2015 40th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz waves (IRMMW-THz)
A Tris(3-pyridyl)stannane as a Building Block for Heterobimetallic Coordination Polymers and Supramolecular Cages
ES Yang, AJ Plajer, Á García-Romero, AD Bond, TK Ronson, CM Álvarez, R García-Rodríguez, AL Colebatch, DS Wright
– Chemistry – A European Journal
Bulk synthesis of graphene-like materials possessing turbostratic graphite and graphene nanodomains via combustion of magnesium in carbon dioxide
TH Kim, CR Merritt, C Ducati, AD Bond, N Bampos, CL Brown
– Carbon
Pharmaceutical Crystallography A Guide to Structure and Analysis
A Bond
Tailoring the Binding Properties of Phosphazane Anion Receptors and Transporters.
AJ Plajer, J Zhu, P Proehm, AD Bond, UF Keyser, DS Wright
– J Am Chem Soc
Use of a fluorinated probe to quantitatively monitor amino acid binding preferences of ruthenium(ii) arene complexes.
GS Biggs, MJ O'Neill, P Carames Mendez, TG Scrase, Y Lin, AM Bin-Maarof, AD Bond, SR Boss, PD Barker
– Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
Deprotonation, insertion and isomerisation in the post-functionalisation of tris-pyridyl aluminates.
AJ Plajer, S Kopf, AL Colebatch, AD Bond, DS Wright, R García-Rodríguez
– Dalton Trans
A general synthetic methodology to access magnesium aluminate electrolyte systems for Mg batteries
EN Keyzer, J Lee, Z Liu, AD Bond, DS Wright, CP Grey
– Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Fast amide bond cleavage assisted by a secondary amino and a carboxyl group—a model for yet unknown peptidases?
I V Komarov, A Yu Ishchenko, A Hovtvianitsa, V Stepanenko, S Kharchenko, A D Bond, A J Kirby
– Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)
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