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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Senior Research Associate (X-Ray Crystallography)

Chemical Crystallography

Crystallographic methods provide detailed atomic-level descriptions of crystalline solids, including molecular structure and geometrical information on intermolecular interactions.

Single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction are core analytical techniques within the chemical sciences, which support and augment a broad range of research within the Department. Modern diffraction instruments, applied at both laboratory and synchrotron sources, enable complex chemical problems to be tackled using crystallographic methods: for example, characterizing and understanding the consequences of disorder in molecular crystals or monitoring chemical changes in single crystals or crystalline powders.


Quantitative Singlet Fission in Solution-Processable Dithienohexatrienes
KJ Fallon, N Sawhney, DTW Toolan, A Sharma, W Zeng, S Montanaro, A Leventis, S Dowland, O Millington, D Congrave, A Bond, R Friend, A Rao, H Bronstein
– J Am Chem Soc
Synthesis of Heterometallic Zirconium Alkoxide Single-Source Precursors for Bimetallic Oxide Deposition.
J Slaughter, C Coates, G Phillips, D Choudhury, AD Bond, CP Grey, DS Wright
– Inorganic Chemistry
Azoles as Auxiliaries and Intermediates in Prebiotic Nucleoside Synthesis
DJ Ritson, MW Poplawski, AD Bond, JD Sutherland
– J Am Chem Soc
Quantitative Measurement of Cooperativity in H-Bonded Networks.
L Trevisan, AD Bond, CA Hunter
– J Am Chem Soc
The extensive solid-form landscape of sulfathiazole: hydrogen-bond topology and node shape
D Hughes, A Bingham, M Hursthouse, T Threlfall, A Bond
– CrystEngComm
Gold-Mediated Multiple Cysteine Arylation for the Construction of Highly Constrained Bicycle Peptides.
GE Mudd, SJ Stanway, DR Witty, A Thomas, S Baldo, AD Bond, P Beswick, A Highton
– Bioconjugate chemistry
The role of solvation in proton transfer reactions: implications for predicting salt/co-crystal formation using the ΔpKa rule
AJ Cruz-Cabeza, M Lusi, HP Wheatcroft, AD Bond
– Faraday Discussions
Platform for Orthogonal N-Cysteine-Specific Protein Modification Enabled by Cyclopropenone Reagents
A Istrate, MB Geeson, CD Navo, BB Sousa, MC Marques, RJ Taylor, T Journeaux, SR Oehler, MR Mortensen, MJ Deery, AD Bond, F Corzana, G Jiménez-Osés, GJL Bernardes
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
In Situ Observation of the Structure of Crystallizing Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Solutions with Terahertz Transmission Spectroscopy.
Q Li, J Kölbel, MP Davis, TM Korter, AD Bond, T Threlfall, JA Zeitler
– Crystal growth & design
Sodium Borates: Expanding the Electrolyte Selection for Sodium-Ion Batteries.
DMC Ould, S Menkin, HE Smith, V Riesgo-Gonzalez, E Jónsson, CA O'Keefe, F Coowar, J Barker, AD Bond, CP Grey, DS Wright
– Angewandte Chemie International Edition
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