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Dr Jenny Zhang

Current role
Senior post-doc (Reisner group)
Research interests
Artificial photosynthesis, chemical biology, materials chemistry
Current research
My research interfaces natural photosynthetic systems with synthetic materials to develop the basic science behind artificial photosynthesis. More specifically, I’m wiring photosynthetic enzymes, such as photosystem II, as well as living cyanobacterial cells to high surface area electrodes to study their photoelectrochemical properties. This is important not only for understanding the basic biophysics behind many life-sustaining components of nature, but also for inspiring the development of efficient artificial photosynthetic systems to produce ‘solar fuels’, which are sustainable and green alternatives to our current unsustainable and polluting carbon-based fuels.


Photoelectrochemistry of Photosystem II in Vitro vs in Vivo.
JZ Zhang, P Bombelli, KP Sokol, A Fantuzzi, AW Rutherford, CJ Howe, E Reisner
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Photoelectrocatalytic H2evolution in water with molecular catalysts immobilised on p-Siviaa stabilising mesoporous TiO2interlayer.
JJ Leung, J Warnan, DH Nam, JZ Zhang, J Willkomm, E Reisner
– Chem. Sci.
Competing charge transfer pathways at the photosystem II-electrode interface
JZ Zhang, KP Sokol, N Paul, E Romero, R van Grondelle, E Reisner
– Nature Chemical Biology
Rational Wiring of Photosystem II to Hierarchical Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes using Redox Polymers
KP Sokol, D Mersch, V Hartmann, JZ Zhang, MM Nowaczyk, M Rögner, A Ruff, W Schuhmann, N Plumeré, E Reisner
– Energy & Environmental Science
Wiring of Photosystem II to Hydrogenase for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
D Mersch, C-Y Lee, JZ Zhang, K Brinkert, JC Fontecilla-Camps, AW Rutherford, E Reisner
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
A Si photocathode protected and activated with a Ti and Ni composite film for solar hydrogen production
Y-H Lai, HS Park, JZ Zhang, PD Matthews, DS Wright, E Reisner
– Chemistry
Protein film photoelectrochemistry of the water oxidation enzyme photosystem II.
M Kato, JZ Zhang, N Paul, E Reisner
– Chemical Society reviews
Influence of Equatorial and Axial Carboxylato Ligands on the Kinetic Inertness of Platinum(IV) Complexes in the Presence of Ascorbate and Cysteine and within DLD-1 Cancer Cells
CKJ Chen, JZ Zhang, JB Aitken, TW Hambley
– J Med Chem
Facile preparation of mono-, di- and mixed-carboxylato platinum(IV) complexes for versatile anticancer prodrug design.
JZ Zhang, P Bonnitcha, E Wexselblatt, AV Klein, Y Najajreh, D Gibson, TW Hambley
– Chemistry
Getting to the core of platinum drug bio-distributions: the penetration of anti-cancer platinum complexes into spheroid tumour models
JZ Zhang, NS Bryce, A Lanzirotti, CKJ Chen, D Paterson, MD de Jonge, DL Howard, TW Hambley
– Metallomics : integrated biometal science
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Research Group

Telephone number

01223 336319 (shared)

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