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Department of Chemistry


Researchers identify a tau homeostasis signature that underlies Alzheimer’s disease

Image of a neuron CC0 public domain

Researchers have long known that Alzheimer’s is characterized by abnormal clusters of rogue misfolded proteins. A healthy brain has a “quality control system” that effectively keeps them at bay. But problems start when this system goes wrong. 

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Mini “submarines” awarded ChemSci Pick of the Week

Courtesy Nitschke group

A research article by members of the Nitschke group has been chosen the ChemSci Pick of the Week for the journal Chemical Science.

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Lattice models provide fast and accurate way to simulate DNA self-assembling

Researchers in this department have proposed a model for accurately simulating DNA self-assembly that balances the need for accuracy within the confines of current computing power.

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Leading the way on tackling plastic waste

Image: the Reisner Lab

A researcher from this department will lead one of the new projects announced today by the Science Minister to rethink plastics production and use, and tackle plastic waste.

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Understanding how volcanic plumes impact the atmosphere

Image: Clare Donaldson

A scientist here studying how volcanic eruptions affect air quality and climate is involved in a major new initiative to tackle key environmental issues.

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Professors named 2018 Highly Cited Researchers

Image of Tuomas Knowles: Department of Chemistry

Congratulations to four colleagues named Highly Cited Researchers 2018 for the number of their research papers ranked in the top 1% by citations in Web of Science.

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New product from Chemistry spin-out tops 2018 innovations list

Image: Sphere Fluidics

A new device made by Sphere Fluidics – a spin-out company co-founded by researchers from this department – is ranked number one in The Scientist's 2018 list of Top 10 Innovations. 

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Dual strategy reveals secrets of collagen structure

Courtesy Dr Barth van Rossum

Researchers in the Duer group have used an enhanced NMR technique combined with improved isotope labelling to identify for the first time chemicals vital for assembling and maintaining the structure of connective tissues such as bone and cartilage.

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Giving a new name to our oldest Chair

Image: Dr Yusuf Hamied

The 1702 Chair of Chemistry at Cambridge – one of the longest-established Chemistry Chairs in the UK – is to be renamed in honour of a distinguished alumnus whose generous new donation will support it in future.

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Department researchers inspire others during Black History month

Courtesy Tom Almeroth-Williams

As the UK marks Black History Month, two researchers from this department talk about their route to Cambridge, their inspiration and their motivation.

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