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Department of Chemistry

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The research activity of the group led by Dr Taraskin covers a wide area of statistical physics and theoretical condensed matter science. The properties of disordered systems are of particular interest, including non-equilibrium phase-transitions in disordered complex networks and spectral properties of single-particle electronic and vibrational excitations in disordered materials.

Research Interests

Non-equilibrium phase transitions in disordered networks. Non-equilibrium phase transitions are characterisic of capillary condensation, magnetasation reversal in ferromagnets, population dynamics and epidemics. We study, in particular, the non-equilibrium phenomena in systems described by the randon-field Ising model, such as capillary condensation in porous media within the lattice-gas model.  

Synergistic effects for spreading processes. Spreading of infection, opinion and rumours through networks of hosts often occurs in regimes with strong non-linear (synergy) interactions between hosts. We study how the synergy effects influence the dynamics of the speading processes. 


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