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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



We provide quantitative microanalysis on a wide range of samples for research staff, academics and students within the department and other science-related departments in the University.

How to submit a sample

CHN combustion analysis

  • Please submit 5mg of compound in a labelled small glass vial along with a submission form.
  • For air sensitive samples please speak to someone in Microanalysis regarding availability of the instrument.  We will provide you with pre-weighed capsules into which you can add your sample.
  • In both cases please email a completed submission form to and provide a hard copy along with the samples. Please state if you want to have any residual sample returned. Results will be emailed back to you. 

ICP-OES analysis

  • If possible please dissolve your samples and bring your solutions to the lab along with a submission form. Aim for a final solution containing approx. 1PPM (mg/L) element of interest in 2%HNO3 (5 to 10mL volume). Other concentrations and matrices are possible please talk to a member of staff.
  • If you want us to dissolve a solid compound prior to analysis please provide us with as much information as possible on the dissolution process. Please note that certain acids such as HF are incompatible with the ICP instrument as are high levels organic solvents.

Microanalysis Sample Submission Form

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed form.  Download the Microanalysis Submission Form.

Contact details

Please contact Nigel Howard for information about our Microanalysis facilities.

01223 763861