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Collaboration and Impact


Professor Oren Scherman, co-founder of Aqdot.


Professors Chris Abell and Oren Scherman founded Aqdot to commercialise the novel encapsulation platform technology they developed through the collaboration of their two research groups.  The new platform employs the Abell group's microfluidic droplets as a scalable manufacturing approach, combined with the Scherman group's expertise in supramolecular chemistry to engineer the host-guest interactions and control the targeted release mechanisms.

Aqdot has revolutionised the encapsulation market by exploiting this technology and its controlled release strategies across the household, personal care, agrichemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2018 Aqdot reached its first milestone by registering its core technology, AqTMBit, without hazard or classification labelling for both health and environment in the EU. The company holds four patents protecting its technology and has recently marketed household air freshener Oderase.

In 2018, the global microencapsulation market size was valued at USD 7.88 billion.  With its rapid growth and strong presence in the market, Aqdot is well positioned to become one of the leading companies in this field.

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