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Collaboration and Impact


Xampla's plastic-free products are made from pea protein and are completely biodegradable.


Xampla has engineered a new class of biodegradable and biocompatible material made entirely from plant protein, which can in many cases replace synthetic materials and polymers used by industry. It's aim is to eradicate the need for single-use plastics.

The company was spun out from research in the lab of Professor Tuomas Knowles, who is now Scientific Adviser to the company. Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia, who is a former postdoctoral researcher in the Knowles group, is Head of Research. Xampla was on the RSC ERC emerging technology shortlist in 2019.

In September 2023, Xampla launched Morro sustainable materials, after consumer research revealed that three quarters of those surveyed would prefer their products in natural sustainable packaging. The 'Morro marque' on packaging will indicate to consumers that its high-performing, plant-based materials have been used to make products.

Alexandra French, who joined Xampla as CEO in 2023, said: "I am really excited to be joining such an inspiring company, with a compelling mission, groundbreaking technology, a fabulous team and company values that are completely aligned with my own.

“As a business leader and CEO, I have a track record of delivering results and I look forward to bringing my leadership experience to Xampla. We have an extremely exciting future ahead."

Pete Hutton, Chairman of Xampla, said:

Since making our first hire in 2020, Xampla has grown exponentially. From launching our breakthrough material to market, to working with household brands including Gousto and Britvic, the business has continued to grow from strength to strength.

“With the launch of Morro, we are now looking forward to the future and announcing further partnerships and product developments with the world’s biggest brands. We have an exciting next chapter ahead, with Alexandra at the helm.”

In October 2020 the former Unilever chief sustainability officer and White House climate change adviser Jeff Seabright said: “Xampla is the most exciting innovation I have worked on. It has potential to have a positive impact on a global scale and is a ground breaking solution for industries in desperate need of natural alternatives to plastic. I am very pleased to be joining as chair at this critical time.” 

Developed over 15 years with the help of Cambridge Enterprise, Xampla’s mission is to replace everyday plastics including bags, sachets, flexible packaging films, edible labels and microplastics used in homecare and personal products.

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