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The Department's main wireless network is called ChemNet. Departmentally managed machines that have been configured to use ChemNet wireless will connect without further configuration. Other machines will need to be configured according to the instructions below.

All members of the University can also quickly connect to the UniOfCam wireless network using their Raven password. This may be useful for providing a network connection to enable you to download the files and information from the pages below to set up a ChemNet connection.

ChemNet tokens

Access to the ChemNet wireless network requires your ChemNet token: see for more information.

Configuration notes for various platforms and devices


Windows 7 and newer




Ubuntu via Network Manager

Mobile Devices

Generic instructions

A set of generic instructions is also available. This may help users with devices not listed above.

Personal machines

In the past, it has been necessary to register each and every machine for use on the department's network. As people use more laptops, netbooks, tablets and smart phones, this requirement has been recognised as an impediment to the flexibility desired by members of the department - as well as being an administrative burden on the department. In setting up ChemNet, we have taken eduroam as our guide: with eduroam, a user has a network access token which may be used on multiple devices to access the service. For ChemNet, it is irrelevant whether you access the network from a wireless access point or the wired network - the same token works for each.