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The main use of the bastion host is to connect to Linux machines inside the department firewall from a machine outside without having to run a VPN session. The easiest way to do this from a computer running Windows is with MobaXterm.This application handles logging in, copying files back and forth, and running graphical applications all in one.

Download it from . The free Home Edition will be sufficient for most people.

Start it up and create a new session (Sessions menu, New session). Pick SSH as the session type.

MobaXterm session selection window with SSH circled

This will bring up the SSH settings dialogue. Under Basic SSH settings, make these changes

  • Fill in Remote host with the full name of the machine you want to end up connected to (not the bastion host itself)
  • Tick Specify username
  • Enter your Chemistry username in the box next to the Specify username checkbox

Click on Network Settings to move to that tab. Enter the following information - note that depending on your version of mobaxterm, you may need to click the "SSH gateway (jump host)" button to enter these settings.

  • Tick Connect through SSH gateway (jump host)
  • Enter the full name of the bastion host in the Gateway SSH server box. The main department bastion host is
  • Enter your Chemistry username in the box next to the box showing Port 22

Screenshot of MobaXterm ssh settings

Click on OK.

You should be prompted to login to first the bastion host, then the machine you actually wanted to connect to. While connected you can use the left hand pane (a file browser on the Linux machine) to copy files back and forth by dragging & dropping.

If you start a graphical application on the remote machine its windows should appear on your screen.

MobaXterm is also available on managed Windows workstations.

System status 

System monitoring page

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