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We offer a hosted wiki service to all groups in the Department. The service runs upon Mediawiki. We can offer a range of configuration options for managed wikis, such as

  • Access control options; one of:
    • World-visible, but editable only by group members (via Raven authentication)
    • Visible only to group members (via Raven authentication)
    • Site administrator can approve external accounts (e.g. to permit edit rights to non-University members)
    • Other access settings may be possible, after discussion with the Computer Officers
  • Plugins etc
    • May be possible, after discussion with the Computer Officers
  • Configurability
    • Access to edit LocalSettings.php, to permit configuration of some site options

If you would like a Departmentally-managed wiki, please contact the Computer Officers to discuss your requirements.

System status 

System monitoring page

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