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The department provides web-hosting for research groups and collaborations. This page describes the old hosting service, which is now deprecated. If you want to set up a brand new group website please contact .

Normally each web server is hosted on an individual machine, to reduce the chance of interference between the sites. However sites with purely static content may be placed on a shared server.

The (hypothetical) Oakenfield research group would be given a web server called or placed on the shared server Either way their web site would be made visible to the world at

Those members of the Oakenfield group who are expected to maintain the webserver will be added to a group called, appropriately, oakenfield-webmasters and only members of this group may edit the files on the webserver - by accessing smb://, ssh:// or \\\WWW.

The equivalents for a static site are smb://, ssh:// and \\\www-oakenfield.

Access to all of these would be controlled by using the Active Directory.


To connect from MacOS:

  1. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.
  2. Choose Connect to Server from the Go menu.
  3. In the address field of the Connect to Server dialog, type either 'smb://' or 'smb://'. (Don't forget to change oakenfield to something more appropriate!)
  4. Click Connect
  5. (On some machines, you might need to put "AD\" before your user ID)

To connect from Windows:

  1. Either open Windows Explorer and find the 'Map a network drive' option, or click on Start, Run
  2. In the box type either \\\WWW or \\\www-oakenfield .
  3. If you are having trouble logging in, try putting 'AD\' in front of your username.

Other software can be installed, if needed by the site. As an example, some sites require:

The webservers are implemented on virtual machines. It is possible to reboot your own virtual machines from

System status 

System monitoring page

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