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This policy seeks to reduce demand for electrical energy due to IT equipment within the Chemistry Department.


Personal computers

  1. All monitors must be turned off when users leave for the evening.
  2. Local printers should be turned off at night.
  3. A screen saver should be enabled that renders the screen blank after no more than 20 minutes of use.
  4. If possible, inactive machines should be configured to automatically switch into a stand-by state ("hibernate", "suspend" or "sleep") after an appropriate delay.
  5. If the computer is not going to be used for an extended period (e.g., overnight, weekends) it should be switched off.

IT Procurement

Power issues must be considered as part of the new capital equipment selection processes. Explicitly, the four year energy consumption should be calculated and then multiplied by two to account for additional air handling costs. Unless there are other compelling reasons such as functionality, performance or reliability then the equipment with the lowest total cost of ownership (i.e., including power consumption) will be selected for purchase.


Technical questions on the application of this policy may be addressed to the Computer Officers by emailing

System status 

System monitoring page

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