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We provide web hosting for groups within the department who want a website. These sites use the Drupal content management system (see our Recommended Technology page) and the University web house style. This website (Department of Chemistry Computing website) is an example of our managed Drupal service.

Features available on managed Drupal sites

  • automatic list of current/past group members, fed from the Department's personnel database
  • automatic list of publications from Symplectic Elements. This provides:
    • a searchable list of all publications from the group
    • the ability to add "Selected publications" to any page on the site, e.g. to highlight a particular research topic
    • a list of an individual's publications on their staff page
  • can add arbitrary HTML fragments for e.g. Twitter feeds
  • can set up automatic RSS feeds from external blogs etc.
  • standard layout consistent with other Department websites. This means you don't have to worry about graphical design, and it provides a better experience for viewers of Department websites
  • easy-to-use GUI editor for editing content - don't need to be able to write HTML (but you can include arbitrary HTML in a page if you wish)
  • can easily Raven-protect selected pages - access to any page can be restricted to anyone in the University with a Raven account, or to members of particular Admitto groups (e.g. all members of a Departmental research group)
  • editorial control can be granted to members of any Admitto group - for example, a specified list of people with Admitto accounts, or all members of a research group.
  • the underlying system is entirely managed by the Department Computer Officers - you don't need to perform any system administration tasks, manage updates, etc
  • built-in support for standard Department website features, such as
    • front-page slideshows
    • Lists of "quick links" in a sidebar
    • "Teaser lists" - a grid of image thumbnails, optionally with a short piece of introductory text, that link to other pages

Legacy instructions for the old group website service

In the past we provided a group website service without a content management system. This service is now deprecated but the documentation is here for those who have yet to migrate to the Drupal system.

System status 

System monitoring page

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