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The Chemistry IT team owns a Meeting Owl 3 which we make available to the members of the department. It’s a 3-in-1 360° camera, mic, and a speaker.

To book the Owl please email us at

There are a few rules to follow while using the Owl:

  • Carry the Owl around in the provided box
  • Do not leave the device unattended where it may get damaged or stolen
  • Keep the device inside the Chemistry building
  • Make sure you return the Owl at the end of your booking

Instructions on using the Owl

Before you can use the Owl, you need to make sure that the Meeting Owl App is installed on your machine of choice.

Chemistry managed computers

If you want to use the Owl on one of the Chemistry managed computers, you should:

  1. Plug the Owl’s USB-C cable into the computer. Make sure that the Owl is also plugged into power.
  2. Start a meeting in your conferencing platform
  3. Set your video, microphone and speaker settings to “Meeting Owl”

There is an associated app that is used to configure the Owl, but it's not required to use the Owl. If you want to install it, head to, select the right computer, tick the box next to “Owl Meeting App”, hit update and restart the machine.

The Meeting Owl App is already installed on computers in Todd Hamied and CoH meeting rooms. If there are any machines which you think should have the app installed, please let us know by an email to

Other computers

To get the Owl Meeting App on any other machines Search for “Meeting Owl” in the Windows or Apple Store, or download directly from here

The instructions are the same as using it on a managed computer.

System status 

System monitoring page

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